Saturday 16 Oct 2021 | 06:10 | SYDNEY
Saturday 16 Oct 2021 | 06:10 | SYDNEY

The 5-minute Lowy Lunch: Asia-Pacific outlook


Fergus Hanson


2 April 2009 12:14

This week, Dr Donghyun Park (Senior Economist at the Asian Development Bank) and Craig Sugden (ADB Country Economist) delivered the Wednesday Lowy Lunch on the occasion of the release of the ADB's Asian Development Outlook 2009.

In my interview with Donghyun Park (below), he discusses the potential for further downwards revisions in economic growth forecasts, how important it is that China maintain growth rates of at least 8%, the impact of the financial crisis on poverty levels and whether Asian countries are doing enough to stimulate their economies.

The interview with Craig Sugden covers the extent to which Pacific countries are integrated into the global economy, how badly the financial crisis will impact growth rates in the region and why their economies suffer from a lag effect.