Tuesday 16 Aug 2022 | 05:53 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 16 Aug 2022 | 05:53 | SYDNEY

40 million Aussies


Mark Thirlwell

10 August 2010 16:39

This lunchtime I was lucky enough to be invited to a small round-table with distinguished economist Max Corden. This was fun for a bunch of reasons, not least because I'm a long-standing fan of two of his books on international macro.

Over lunch, Max referred to some of the other topics he has covered, and with my recent lament on the migration debate in mind, I thought it worth recommending the inaugural Richard Snape Lecture (pdf), which Max delivered in 2003. The lecture gives Max’s take on the immigration debate and asks whether Australia's population will reach 40 million by 2050. While some of the numbers are now in need of an update, it's still worth a read.

Photo by Flickr user aris-ressy, used under a Creative Commons license.