Saturday 16 Oct 2021 | 16:55 | SYDNEY
Saturday 16 Oct 2021 | 16:55 | SYDNEY

2020 Summit outcomes: Asia scholarships


Malcolm Cook

7 May 2009 13:59

I just received in my Email inbox the latest update from the Asian Studies Association of Australia. It notes that the idea for an enhanced scholarship program for Australians to study in Asia and students from Asia to study here offered up in the 2020 Summit held last April in Canberra has been given the official tick.

Alas, the Philippines (my home before moving to Australia) and any Asian countries to the west of India have been left off the countries of initial focus for this new initiative.

The ASAA update also contains an interview with Dr Marcus Mietzner from the ANU on Indonesia’s parliamentary elections. Marcus spoke here about this important and positive topic a couple of weeks ago.