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From global leaders and Lowy experts

Prime Minister outlines his agenda

In a speech to the Lowy Institute on 27 August, the Australian Prime Minister, the Hon. John Howard MP, outlined his objectives for the Sydney meeting of APEC, the most significant international gathering ever held in Australia. Mr Howard spoke about APEC activities in the fields of trade, regional

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Jim Ingram presentation

At the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy on 8 August, Jim Ingram, head of the World Food Programme for ten years, argued in a presentation entitled 'Reforming the UN: an iconoclastic view from the inside' that the focus of UN reform should shift to the economic and social activity of the wider UN system where

Distinguished Speaker Series - Mr John Lipsky presentation

On 31 July 2007, as part of the Lowy Institute's Distinguished Speaker Series, John Lipsky, First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, spoke on financial market globalisation. The explosive growth in international capital flows has helped to underpin the current historic

The future of China-Australia relations

On 17-18 May, the Lowy Institute co-hosted a conference on the future of China-Australia relations with the Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs and the Tianda Institute. The conference focused on the growing national and regional importance of this bilateral relationship based on economic

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Dr Stephen Grenville presentation

On 11 July at the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, Dr Stephen Grenville addressed the questions: As international capital flows back into the Asian region's economies, is the region now seeing old vulnerabilities re-emerge? And has the IMF learned the right lessons from history?His presentation was

Enhancing transparency in the multilateral trading system

On 4 July, the Lowy Institute, in cooperation with the Tasman Transparency Group, hosted a conference on Enhancing Transparency in the Multilateral Trading System. Drawing on experience in Australia and elsewhere, the conference examined the role of greater domestic transparency in enhancing the

Future challenges in foreign policy

The Lowy Institute was pleased to present a lecture by the Federal Labor Leader, Kevin Rudd MP, on Thursday 5 July 2007, as part of its Distinguished Speaker Series.The title of Mr Rudd's lecture was 'Fresh ideas for future challenges in foreign policy', downloadable here. In this important lecture

Iraq and its consequences

On Friday 29 June, the Lowy Institute for International Policy explored the longer term implications of the Iraq war in a conference entitle 'What lies ahead? The Iraq war and international politics'. The conference featured two leading American commentators, William Kristol, editor of the Weekly

New Voices 2007

On Friday, 25 May, the Lowy Institute held its fourth annual New Voices conference for young professionals, which this year discussed international leadership in its many forms. The outcomes report can be downloaded here

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Rory Medcalf presentation

At the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy on 20 June, Rory Medcalf, Program Director International Security, assessed the likely impacts of a powerful India on Australia's future strategic environment. He drew upon his experience as a diplomat in New Delhi to consider the sources of India's new confidence as

Address by Steven Lowy

On Friday 25 May, the Lowy Institute held its fourth annual New Voices conference for young professionals, which this year discussed international leadership in its many forms. The conference was opened by Steven Lowy with an address about the history and purpose behind the formation of the

Australia and New Zealand in a globalising world

In a presentation delivered to the 2007 Australia-New Zealand Leadership Forum, Alan Gyngell, David Skilling and Mark Thirlwell look at some of the challenges posed to both economies by globalisation. In particular, they argue that although globalisation has changed the geography of the world

Between intensive care and the crematorium

In October 2006, Mark Thirlwell presented a paper at a dialogue on 'WTO at crossroads? Experiences and expectations around the Doha Agenda'. The dialogue was held in Singapore and conducted by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Office and the WTO Secretariat. The meeting brought together some 40

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Daoud Yaqub presentation

On 28 March at the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, Daoud Yaqub spoke on the topic: 'A long hot summer ahead for Afghanistan'. He discussed the looming spring offensive by the Taliban, including its implications for the reconstruction and security effort in Afghanistan, and what the international community

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Bill Bowtell presentation

At the Wednesday Lowy Lunch on 7 March 2007, Bill Bowtell, the Director of the Institute’s HIV/AIDS Project, explained how and why the HIV/AIDS pandemic developed, the severe regional consequences and costs if it is not checked, and the need to rethink current international HIV/AIDS strategies

India in East Asia

Professor Raja Mohan, Strategic Affairs Editor of the Indian Express, and one of India's most influential commentators on India's foreign and strategic policy, delivered the inaugural Australia-India Strategic Lecture on the subject of India and East Asia in Melbourne on 21 February

Gordon world

Gordon Brown recently succeeded Tony Blair as prime minister of Great Britain. Several months ago the Lowy Institute hosted a leading British commentator speaking on the likely shape of British foreign policy under Gordon Brown's leadership.On Friday 16 February Tom Bentley spoke to the Lowy Lunch

China and Taiwan in the South Pacific

On Thursday 18 January, Graeme Dobell gave a presentation at the Lowy Institute to launch his Lowy Institute Policy Brief, entitled China and Taiwan in the South Pacific: diplomatic chess versus Pacific political rugby

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Owen Harries presentation

On 29 November 2006 at a special Wednesday Lunch at Lowy at 31 Bligh Street, the noted commentator Owen Harries spoke on the topic 'After Iraq'. In the last three and a half years, 'Iraq' has come to stand for many things beyond a geographical location and a state: a political and moral commitment;

Peter Hartcher special briefing

On Friday 10 November the Lowy Institute hosted a special briefing on the results of the mid-term congressional elections, in which the Democratic Party regained control of both houses of Congress. The featured speaker was award-winning journalist, author and Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Peter