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From global leaders and Lowy experts

The Pacific President comes to Australia

The White House announced that US President Barack Obama will visit Australia in mid November to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Australia-US alliance. At the Food for Thought event in Melbourne on 6 October 2011, the Lowy Institute hosted a panel discussion with Daniel Flitton, Andrew

Lonely power, staying power

In the latest Strategic Snapshot, Dr John Lee, Adjunct Associate Professor and Michael Hintze Fellow in Energy Security at the University of Sydney, challenges a number of assumptions about the transformation of Asia’s security environment. Contrary to expectations, he argues, the United States

Australia-India Roundtable: Advancing Australia-India relations: Public panel

At the conclusion of the Australia-India Roundtable held at the Lowy Institute on 19-20 September 2011, four key participants - Ambassador Shyam Saran and Ambassador Ric Smith AO PSM as well as conveners Rory Medcalf and Navdeep Suri - discussed key ideas emerging from the dialogue. The Roundtable

Launch of Pacific Outcomes Report & Keynote Address

The Outcomes Report of the conference 'The Pacific Islands and the World: Realising the Pacific's Potential' conference has been released. It summarises the main discussion generated from the conference and puts forward 10 policy recommendations based on this discussion to help the

Betting on the Great Convergence

In today's world economy, the line between developed and emerging markets is growing ever more blurred. At the Food for Thought event in Melbourne on 18 August 2011, Mark Thirlwell, Director of the Lowy Institute's International Economy Program, described some of the forces driving this convergence

The shifting geopolitics of aviation

On Thursday 11 August 2011, James Hogan, CEO of Etihad Airways, delivered the Lowy Institute for International Policy’s inaugural Australia-Gulf Lecture. He spoke on 'The shifting geopolitics of aviation'. The aim of the Australia-Gulf lecture series is to provide a platform for political and

Lowy Lecture Series: How the future state of the world will shape Australia aid program - Panellists' presentations

At the Lowy Lecture Series on 20 July, a high-level panel, with Sandy Hollway AO, Jack De Groot and Rowan Callick, considered how well Australia's aid program is placed to respond to evolving development challenges. Annmaree O'Keeffe, Research Fellow at the Lowy Institute, chaired the discussion

Distinguished Speaker Series - Greg Hunt presentation

On 11 July 2011 the Federal Opposition's spokesman for Climate Action, Greg Hunt, addressed the topic of climate change in a speech to the Lowy Institute.Mr Hunt argued that the current international approach to tackling climate change is not working. He called for a substantial rethink of the

Lowy Institute Poll 2011

The seventh annual Lowy Poll surveys the Australian public on new questions covering attitudes towards the US alliance and the war in Afghanistan, opinions on basing US forces in Australia, WikiLeaks, foreign aid and the intervention in Libya. The nationally representative poll also repeated

How Australians feel about nuclear power

Most Australians do not feel comfortable with nuclear power, reinforced by the Fukushima crisis. Political leaders declare the subject off limits. Yet nuclear energy is a proven technology for clean, comparatively safe base load power. Our energy needs are growing fast in a carbon constrained

The world at 7 billion

According to the latest United Nations population forecasts, the world’s population will reach seven billion on 31 October this year

Food for Thought Series: Courting reform: Indonesia Islamic courts

On 30 March, in the first of the Lowy Institute’s Food for Thought lectures for this year, Cate Sumner and Tim Lindsey discussed how the Indonesian Islamic courts have embraced reform within a judicial system notorious for corruption and incompetence, taking the lead in efforts to deliver

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Rory Medcalf presentation

In recent years, the idea of a looming struggle between China and India has seized the imaginations of prominent strategists and journalists. Here are two rising Asian great powers with rapid economic growth, expanding global interests and modernising militaries

Educating for the Asian Century

Lowy Institute Executive Director Dr Michael Wesley delivered a speech entitled 'Educating for the Asian Century' on 6th April 2011 at the Educating for Asia Summit in Wellington, New Zealand.The speech can be read here

The spectre of Malthus

After enjoying more than two decades of falling prices, the world’s economy is now having to navigate a period of more expensive food

SEA-blindness: why Southeast Asia matters

On 9 March 2011, Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Wesley gave a speech at the East-West Center in Washington DC on the geostrategic importance of Southeast Asia, or the 'Indo-Pacific Peninsula'.The speech, 'SEA-blindness: why Southeast Asia matters', can be read here

Distinguished Speaker Series - Peter Horrocks presentation

What is the BBC’s global role in this fast-changing world? The information revolution and the ease of global interconnectedness are transforming the nature of international broadcasting. These changes, including the rise in new international broadcasters, have rapidly transformed the way in which