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From global leaders and Lowy experts

The 2012 Australia-India Roundtable: Co-Chairs' Statement

Australia and India are poised at an historic moment in their relationship. Building on recent positive steps, the links between the two democracies now need sustained creative thinking and efforts on the part of government, business and society to strengthen them further. This will ensure the

PNG New Voices 2012

The summary report of the first ever PNG New Voices conference highlights the enthusiasm of Papua New Guinea’s young people to participate in debate about PNG’s economy and international outlook in the Asian century. Conference participants called for higher-quality leadership and the creation

Papua New Guinea in the Asian Century

 The Hon Peter O'Neill, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, spoke at the Lowy Institute on 29 November 2012 as part of the Institute's Distinguished Speaker Series. The Prime Minister’s address was entitled ‘Papua New Guinea in the Asian Century’.  

2012 Annual Lowy Lecture - Address by Cameron Clyne

Cameron Clyne, National Australia Bank Chief Executive Officer, delivered the prestigious 2012 Lowy Institute annual lecture, with a lecture titled ‘Funding Australia’s Future’. Mr Clyne’s address looked at the lessons learnt from the Global Financial Crisis and what we needed to do better

PNG New Voices Conference Agenda

The Lowy Institute's New Voices conference will be held in Port Moresby, Papua Guinea on 22 October, featuring prominent young Papua New Guineans and emerging leaders. 

Bilateral donors in the Pacific: is it more than development?

Acting Director for the Lowy Institute's Melanesia Program, Annmaree O’Keeffe, spoke at the Club de Madrid’s Asia Pacific Forum held in Tahiti on July 7 2012. Her address looked at the increased level of aid being invested in the Pacific and asked the question whether this was a competition

Remarks on the opening of the G20 Studies Centre

At the press conference annoucing the establishment of a G20 Studies Centre at the Lowy Institute,  Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Fullilove gave a  short statement statement thanking the Federal Government for their support and outlined the importance of the G20 to Australia.&

New Voices 2010. Global encounters: Outcomes report

On Friday, 25 June 2010, the Lowy Institute held its seventh annual New Voices conference, bringing together Australia’s leading international relations and development studies students for a discussion with practitioners working in the field. The outcomes report can be downloaded here. 

The 2012 Vernon Parker Oration

Lowy Institute Executive Director Dr Michael Wesley delivered the 2012 Vernon Parker Oration to the Australian Naval Institute at the Australian Defence College in Canberra on 14 August 2012.  He  addressed the positions of America and China within the Pacific

Recommendations to boost security in the South China Sea

In this speech, delivered at the 2012 South China Sea conference at CSIS in Washington DC, the Lowy Institute’s Rory Medcalf offers some realistic recommendations on boosting security in the contested South China Sea, including through establishing a regional information centre to report maritime

ASIS at 60

The Lowy Institute for International Policy hosted the first ever public address by a Director-General of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) in the organisation’s 60-year history, on Thursday, 19 July in Canberra. The ASIS Director-General, Nick Warner, provided a rare

Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address and U.S. Foreign Policy

On 21 January, the Lowy Institute for International Policy and the Foreign Policy program at the Brookings Institution co-hosted a panel discussion in Washington, DC on the inaugural address delivered by President Obama the day before. The event was chaired by Carlos Pascual, Vice President of

The Pacific potential: responding to the Asian century

The Lowy Institute’s conference, The Pacific Islands and the World: Realising the Pacific’s Potential, convened in Auckland on 5 September 2011.   Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Wesley delivered the keynote address, 'The Pacific's Potential: Responding to the

2011 Australia-India Roundtable Report: Outcomes and Summary

Relations between Australia and India have advanced impressively over the past decade. Yet in some ways the ties between these two democracies have continued to fall short of their great potential. This state of affairs provided the background for a major dialogue held in Sydney in late 2011.&

The Pacific in the Asian Century

US President Obama told the Australian Parliament in 2011 that the US was turning its attention to the ‘vast potential of the Asia Pacific Region’.  The Pacific Islands region now finds itself in the middle of a re-engaged United States and rising Asia. As it attracts greater

NSW and India: People and partnerships

In an address to the Lowy Institute on 9 December 2011, the Premier of New South Wales, Mr Barry O'Farrell, set out his vision for building strong economic and societal links between Australia's largest state and the government, people and business community of a rising India

A nuclear weapon-free world? Prospects for Obama nuclear agenda

In this lecture under the Lowy Institute's Canberra Food for Thought series, leading nuclear expert Professor Scott Sagan of Stanford University weighs up the achievements and the challenges ahead for the Obama nuclear agenda. This event, moderated by the Lowy Institute's Rory Medcalf, was supported

After Fukushima: Nuclear power without proliferation?

There were high expectations for the growth of nuclear power in the years leading up to the Fukushima nuclear accident on 11 March 2011, as concerns about energy security and climate change prompted governments to reconsider their energy options. But the expansion of nuclear power has posed serious

Pacific president leaves a mark Down Under

In an influential Asian newspaper, Lowy Institute Director of Studies Andrew Shearer and distinguished American naval scholar Toshi Yoshihara comment on the implications for Japan of this week’s historic announcement of an expanded US military presence in Australia. Asahi Shimbun, 17 November

A cold and clever U.S. base move

In an article for The Diplomat, Raoul Heinrichs, Editor of the Lowy Institute's Strategic Snapshots series, evaluates the practical and symbolic strategic logic of the decision to enhance US-Australia defence cooperation in Australia's North West.The Diplomat, 17 November 2011

Asia rise, the West fall?

The 2011 Lowy Lecture was delivered by Lionel Barber, editor of the Financial Times, who visited Australia as a guest of the Institute. In his lecture, 'Asia's Rise, the West's Fall?' delivered on 17 November, Barber examined the implications of Asia's rise for the world and offered some

Lowy Lecture Series - John W. McArthur presentation

The global context for foreign aid is changing rapidly as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) approach their deadline for cutting extreme poverty by half by 2015. The traditional donor club of OECD countries is handing much of the development leadership role to emerging powers such as Brazil,

China and India: Beyond competitive coexistence

Rory Medcalf, the Director of the Lowy Institute’s International Security Program, recently gave public lectures in Washington DC and in Melbourne on China-India relations and the risks of strategic competition between Asia’s rising giants. His Washington talk, at the Carnegie Endowment for

AIIA President’s Forum: Australia and India in 2020

At the 2011 President’s Forum of the Australian Institute for International Affairs, the Lowy Institute’s Rory Medcalf spoke of the promise and prospects for Australia-India relations for the next generation. A video of his presentation can be accessed here

Inaugural India-China Workshop

On 17 and 18 October 2011, the Lowy Institute hosted the inaugural India-China Workshop, an informal dialogue bringing together Australian, Indian, Chinese and Singaporean experts. At the public concluding event, a new Lowy Institute Analysis, 'The Dangers of Denial', on the nuclear dimension of