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Ad hoc publications from Lowy Institute Research Projects

Challenges facing the G20 in 2013

The first issue of the Lowy Institute G20 Monitor, which will regularly report on G20 developments and analyse issues, has been released. The first issue of the Monitor, which is produced by the G20 Studies Centre, canvases the challenges facing the G20 in 2013

China Arctic aspirations

China wants to be part of the Arctic order and, as a rising power, emphasizes the global implications of the Arctic’s melting ice. Although several non-Chinese observers have described China’s actions in the Arctic as ‘more assertive’, and the Chinese Government has taken

Pivoting the map: Australia Indo-Pacific system

On 21 November  2012, Rory Medcalf gave a major public lecture to launch the new Centre of Gravity Series, the flagship policy papers of the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre of the Australian National University, Canberra. In recent years, the Asia-Pacific definition of Australia’s

China prepares for an ice-free Arctic

In this SIPRI published report, Lowy Insitute East Asia Director Linda Jakobson examines how the prospect of the Arctic being navigable during summer months (as a result of climate change) has impelled the Chinese Government to allocate more resources to research in the High North. Several Chinese

'Zealous Democrats' published in Indonesian

In February 2012 the Lowy Institute Paper, Zealous Democrats: Islamism and Democracy in Egypt, Indonesia and Turkey, was published in Indonesia in the Indonesian language.  Although published in 2008, the paper remains relevant to the discussion of Islamist participation in democratic politics

Disarming doubt: the future of extended nuclear deterrence in East Asia

Strategic uncertainty in East Asia is leaving nations look to their defences. At the same time, the United States is leading a push to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in international security. In this major international research report, the Lowy Institute's Rory Medcalf and Fiona Cunningham

Grand stakes: Australia’s future between China and India

Canberra is seeking an Indo-Pacific strategy for an era of Chinese, Indian and sustained American power. The contours of such a strategy were assessed by Rory Medcalf, in his contribution to the 2011-12 edition of the authoritative Strategic Asia series of books. His chapter provides the first

Talib or Taliban?

In Talib or Taliban: Indonesian students in Pakistan and Yemen, the Lowy Institute, in collaboration with the Centre for International Security Studies at Sydney University and the Centre for Muslim States and Societies at the University of Western Australia, examines whether Indonesian students

Diplomatic disrepair: Fact sheet

This fact sheet accompanies the Lowy Institute report by Alex Oliver and Andrew Shearer, 'Diplomatic disrepair: rebuilding Australia's international policy infrastructure', released on 22 August 2011

The future state of the world: what it means for Australia foreign aid program

In January 2011, the Australian Government’s Independent Panel to Review Aid commissioned the Lowy Institute to undertake a study of the future state of the world and its potential impact on the government’s aid program. The report, written against the background of a strong focus by the

Weathering change

Can extended nuclear deterrence (END) continue to support international stability and non-proliferation? Should it and can it adapt to a 21st century strategic environment involving new threats, shifting power balances and fresh moves towards disarmament? In Weathering Change, global experts and

International broadcasting and its contribution to public diplomacy

International broadcasting is one of the principal means of presenting a country’s perspective, views and values to foreign publics and their leaders, and a fundamental component of a nation’s public diplomacy. This study surveyed the international broadcasting operations of ten major

Australia and New Zealand in Asia

In a new report for the Asia New Zealand Foundation, the Lowy Institute’s Malcolm Cook evaluates how regional and Australian foreign policy dynamics are weakening trans-Tasman bonds when it comes to engaging Asia. For decades, the two countries shared goal of engaging Asia has brought them closer

Power and choice: Asian security futures

This paper sets the foundation for the Lowy Institute’s MacArthur Asia Security Project. It outlines four regional security futures, the strategic dynamics and political choices that could give rise to each of them, and their implications for the region’s security architecture. It then examines

Victim of success: China’s growth and environmental consequences

In the third publication from the Griffith-Lowy Institute Project on the Future of China, Roger Irvine analyses the critical relationship between China’s rapid economic development and climate change and the policy steps Beijing has taken to address these critical issues. As the world focuses on

Blue Ribbon Panel Report launch

The Lowy Institute Blue Ribbon Panel Report, 'Australia’s diplomatic deficit: reinvesting in our instruments of international policy', is the first major public review of Australia’s diplomatic network in over 20 years. Here, members of the Panel speak at the launch of the report on Wednesday

Australia Diplomatic Deficit

Australia's Diplomatic Deficit is the report of a Blue Ribbon Panel convened by the Lowy Institute to examine Australia's overseas network – the first public review in over 20 years. The report argues that Australia's diplomatic network is seriously overstretched and hollowed out and recommends a

China and the global financial crisis

In the Griffith-Lowy Institute Project's second publication, Prof. Liew analyses the domestic impacts of the global financial crisis in China and the nature of its initial responses. The global crisis has hit China at a particularly inopportune time politically and economically. The crisis has

China struggle for power

In the Griffith-Lowy Institute Project's first publication, Prof. Xu Yi-chong analyses the mounting challenges facing the Chinese power sector and the fate of recent reform efforts. The mixed results of these recent reforms highlight the political and administrative difficulties facing the central

Lowy Institute Internship in International Security

Applications are open for the 2008 Michael and Deborah Thawley Scholarship in International Security at the Lowy Institute for International Policy in partnership with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. This is an exceptional opportunity for an MA or PhD student at an Australian

The Lowy Institute Review, August 2007

The second Lowy Institute Review has been released. It describes in detail the activities of the Lowy Institute in 2006-2007 and is now available for download here

Iraq and Afghanistan

The Lowy Institute Voters' Guide to International Policy addresses the sort of questions we should be putting to our political leaders

Global environmental policy

The Lowy Institute Voters' Guide to International Policy addresses the sort of questions we should be putting to our political leaders.Section 9 of the Guide, 'Global Environmental Policy', by Professorial Fellow Warwick McKibbin, is available here

The Australia-US alliance

The Lowy Institute Voters' Guide to International Policy addresses the sort of questions we should be putting to our political leaders.Section 7 of the Guide, 'The Australia-US Alliance', by Dr Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues, is available here

The international economy

The Lowy Institute Voters' Guide to International Policy addresses the sort of questions we should be putting to our political leaders.Section 3 of the Guide, 'The International Economy', by Mark Thirlwell, Program Director International Economy, is available here

East Asia and China; The Pacific Islands

The Lowy Institute Voters' Guide to International Policy addresses the sort of questions we should be putting to our political leaders.Section 8 of the Guide, 'East Asia and China', and Section 10, 'The Pacific Islands' by Malcolm Cook, Program Director Asia & the Pacific, are available here

Defence and security

The Lowy Institute Voters' Guide to International Policy addresses the sort of questions we should be putting to our political leaders.Section 4 of the Guide, 'Defence and Security', by Rory Medcalf, Program Director International Security, is available here

Voters' guide to international policy

The Australian general election was held on 24th November. International policy issues didn't dominate the campaign but the next Australian government has to make important decisions about matters ranging from the global environment, through the future of the world trading system to the way we

What lies ahead? The Iraq war and international politics

Policymakers are understandably focused on the situation in Iraq, debating whether to withdraw troops or 'stay the course'. Yet even as the conflict continues to rage, it is important to start thinking about the war's broader impact on international politics. With this in mind the Lowy Institute

Lowy Institute Review

We are pleased to release the Lowy Institute's first Review. It is a comprehensive account of the last 14 months at the Institute, a period in which we hosted over 100 events and produced 29 publications. Throughout the course of the year, the guests we welcomed were as diverse as the subjects we

The return of the US twin deficits

In the US, a large current account deficit has been joined by a growing fiscal shortfall, leading to a return of the “twin deficits” phenomenon last seen in the 1980s