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Opinion pieces by Lowy Institute experts

We can get a front-row global seat

In an opinion article in The Australian, Allan Gyngell argues that suggestions from the Canadian Prime Minister for a new international leaders' forum bringing together developed and developing countries from the Group of 20 could have important implications for Australia. It is a debate in which we

Putting terrorism into perspective

In an opinion article Anthony Bubalo welcomes the Federal Government's release of a white paper on terrorism as an important contribution to the public discussion of this critical issue. That discussion needs, however, to go beyond the parameters of the white paper to a consideration of where

The world viewed from Wall Street

Dr Stephen Grenville, Visiting Fellow at the Lowy Institute, finds lessons for Australia in a new book from ex-US treasury secretary Robert Rubin. Originally published in the Australian, 2 June 2004, p. 24, as "Rubinomics explained

Speaking up

Michael Fullilove reviews The Power of Speech: Australian Prime Ministers Defining the National Image, by James Curran Australian Book Review, June/July 2004, pp.16-17

In friendship sphere

There are countries that have so much in common they should form a closer association. Michael Fullilove canvasses the arguments. The Weekend Australian, 29 May 2004, p. 31

Protocol is a waste of energy

Warwick McKibbin argues in an opinion piece that Russia's apparent embrace of the Kyoto Protocol is not a magic-bullet solution to environment problems. Australian Financial Review, 25 May 2004

Monsters and hegemons

Allan Gyngell reviews a new book by Owen Harries, Benign or imperial: reflections on American hegemony. Australian Book Review, Issue No. 260, April 2004

And now for the good news

Allan Gyngell urges pessimists about the current international outlook to regain some historical perspective. In fact, the story coming out of Asia is very positive. Versions of this article were published in The Age, 28 April 2004 and the Sydney Morning Herald, 29 April 2004

The man who overcame

Michael Fullilove reviews Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom, a biography by Conrad Black. The Australian, 7 February 2004, 6 - NSW Country, p. B10

Hitch our dream to an Asian star

Mark Thirlwell, Program Director, International Economy at the Lowy Institute, writes on the economic development of China and IndiaThe Australian, 6 January 2004, 1 - All-round Country, p. 9

Trading off two world leaders

Mark Thirlwell, the Lowy Institute’s Program Director, International Economy, writes on the visits to Australia of Presidents George Bush and Hu Jintao. The Age, 18 October 2003. Insight p.11