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Diary: Michael Fullilove

Michael Fullilove opens his diary from his recent visit to Washington for The Spectator. The Spectator (Australia), 8 May 2010, p. v

A place at the top table

In this essay, Michael Fullilove makes the case for Australia’s candidacy for the UN Security Council, and refutes the various arguments that have been made against the bid.Griffith Review, Edition 28, April 2010

Does Obama care about Asia?

In an article in The Daily Beast, Dr Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues, writes that Obama has a chance to become the first truly Pacific president.The Daily Beast, 19 March 2010

The Pacific presidency

US President Barack Obama has called himself ‘America’s first Pacific president’. On Monday the Lowy Institute and the United States Studies Centre endeavoured to flesh out this concept. How should we rate his presidency and, in particular, his policies towards the Pacific region? What looming

Frustrated US struggles to open dialogue with China

In an opinion piece in The Sydney Morning Herald, Dr Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues, argues that after years of playing a strong diplomatic game, China may have overreached a little.Sydney Morning Herald, 22 February 2010, p. 11

Crazy days on the campaign trail

Dr Michael Fullilove reviewed the book 'Race of a Lifetime', by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, in The Sydney Morning Herald of 13 February. Sydney Morning Herald, 13 February 2010, Review p. 32

How the roar of China tiger will be heard across the world

The year of the tiger began on 14 February with the Chinese lunar new year's day. In the Inquirer section of The Weekend Australian, Lowy Institute research staff described 10 ways China will shape the planet in the next 12 months.The Australian, 13-14 February 2010, Inquirer p. 2

Palin on FOX News

Three points leaped out of Sarah Palin's interview on FOX News Sunday. The first was the eagerness with which Governor Palin affirmed that she 'would' run for president if it made sense for the US and the Palin family. Her response was much less equivocal than I would have imagined. She wants that

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy: 2010 The year ahead - Research staff presentations

On 3 February, at the first Wednesday Lunch at Lowy for 2010, three Lowy Institute scholars discussed where the world and our region are headed after a tumultuous year in 2009. Will things be calmer or more uncertain?Mark Thirlwell, Program Director International Economy, assessed the post-GFC

2020 vision: that sinking feeling

In an article in The Australian, ten Lowy Institute research staff describe ten aspects of our world that may vanish by 2020.The Australian, 16 January 2010, p. 2

Winning the war on the home front

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Anthony Bubalo, Program Director West Asia, and Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues, argue that Barack Obama’s Afghanistan approach is strategically and politically realistic.The Australian, 11 December 2009, p. 8

Oslo humanitarianism

I agree with Sam that Obama's Nobel Lecture was excellent — significantly better, in fact, than his speech the previous week to cadets at the US Military Academy in West Point. If there's a rap against Obama's speechmaking, it is that — like most of us — he enjoys applause lines. Obama is

Talks should at least be a big step on the way

Dr Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues, and Fergus Green, one of the authors of the Lowy Institute guide to the Copenhagen climate change conference, 'Comprehending Copenhagen', examine signs of US-China cooperation in the lead-up to the UN climate change negotiations in Copenhagen.

Palin and the beauty queen are spookily similar

In an opinion piece in the Financial Times, Dr Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues, points out the similarities between former Alaska governor and Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and Californian beauty queen Carrie Prejean.Financial Times, 19 November 2009, p. 11

America image rebounds

Dr Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues and Fergus Hanson, Research Fellow and author of the 2009 Lowy Institute Poll on public opinion and foreign policy, sift the global poll numbers on attitudes towards the United States, and report the Bush era is officially over.The Daily Beast, 13

He the right man at the right time

In an opinion piece in The Age, Dr Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues, writes that Kim Beazley's appointment as our next ambassador to the United States will cement the relationship with a powerful ally.The Age, 18 September 2009, p. 15

Global warming and war both require sacrifice

In an opinion piece in The Sydney Morning Herald, Dr Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues, considers the similarities between two topics, climate change and the war in Afghanistan. Sydney Morning Herald, 8 September 2009, p. 13

The liberal lion sleeps tonight

The news of Ted Kennedy's death took me back to the Democratic National Convention in Denver last August. I reported on Kennedy's Convention speech for The Interpreter in this way: The two emotional high points were the speeches by Senator Edward Kennedy and Michelle Obama...Over the course of

Rudd and Obama friendship bolsters the alliance

In an article for the online publication, The Punch, Dr Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues, writes on the alliance between Australia and the United States under a Labor prime minister and a Democratic president.The Punch, 11 August 2009

Barack Obama, Kevin Rudd and the alliance

A good deal of copy has been written about the Australia-US alliance over the past decade, but almost all of it, naturally enough, described the alliance as it developed under the stewardship of conservative leaders in Washington and Canberra. Now the alliance is in the hands of a Democratic

The West can win in Afghanistan

In an opinion piece in The Australian Financial Review, Anthony Bubalo, Program Director West Asia, and Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues, argue that now is not the time to abandon Afghanistan.Australian Financial Review, 28 July 2009, p. 63

Twittering Sarah Palin

Over the past month or two I’ve been trying out Twitter. One of the people I follow — and I use that word in the narrow Twitter sense of ‘follow’, rather than the broader political sense — is Alaska Governor and former Republican VP nominee, Sarah Palin. Palin tweets a lot. What she

Obama: Winning on health?

President Barack Obama gave another intelligent and lucid performance at the podium during his press conference yesterday. This was Obama's fourth prime-time press conference in his six months as president — the same number that his predecessor managed in eight years. Is this the be-all and end-

3 questions à...Michael Fullilove

In Issue 10 of Les Carnets du Cap, a publication of the Centre for Analysis and Prediction (CAP) of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Dr Michael Fullilove answers three questions about Australia’s foreign policy.Les Carnets du Cap, Issue 10, Winter-2008-Spring2009, pp 129-134

Obama holds fourth in Africa

Barack Obama gave a cracking speech overnight in Accra on the subject of Africa’s future. As The Wall Street Journal notes, it was the last in a series of four major international addresses Obama has given since being inaugurated, the others being his speech on nuclear issues in Prague, his

The pop president

In an opinion piece in The Sydney Morning Herald, Dr Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues, argues that President Obama would do well to borrow from Machiavelli's observation that to be loved is good, to be feared is better.Sydney Morning Herald, 20-21 June 2009, News Review p. 5

Donald Rumsfeld delicate sensibilities

The Washington Post Magazine has an article on the decline and fall of Donald Rumsfeld, extracted from a new biography of the former US Defense Secretary by Post journalist Bradley Graham. The events described in the article took place less than three years ago but it feels like last decade's news

Cairo not the venue I wanted, but still...

I enjoyed Anthony Bubalo's post on Obama's Cairo address, and in the new Australian online magazine The Punch, I've contributed my own analysis of the speech. In The New York Times last year, I argued that the best location for this speech would be Indonesia. I hold to the view that Indonesia

Obama White House

If you need a Barack Obama fix and you have a spare hour, this NBC special on his White House is one to watch. Obama displays his usual otherworldly confidence. Rahm Emanuel is plainly a man you should cross the street to avoid. Ostensibly senior US government officials appear to be in awe of the

Life in the imperial capital

You see? The men in black do exist. I know that NSW Premier Nathan Rees thinks he has trouble with blackouts and power cables being cut by mistake. But things are worse in Washington, DC. The Post reports that a few years ago, a construction crew working in the Virginia suburbs outside Washington

You thought Justice Kirby was famous

It is remarkable how closely Americans watch appointments to the US Supreme Court. Can this level of scrutiny really be justified? Part of the explanation for the phenomenon, of course, is the US Bill of Rights, which affords American judges a greater role in the protection of human rights — and

How Obama divides - and conquers

In an online article on The Daily Beast, Dr Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues, writes that in his foreign policy so far, President Barack Obama has succeeded in confusing his enemies.The Daily Beast, 16 May 2009

Getting inside Dick Cheney head

It's great fun watching conservative commentators write about Barack Obama these days. His election victory and his continuing success presents his foreign policy critics in the media with an exquisite dilemma: do they maintain their rage against him, thereby dealing themselves out of

Why Obama should speak in Indonesia

In an article in The Diplomat magazine, Dr Michael Fullilove identifies the ideal location for a defining presidential address. The article is adapted from an op-ed published in the New York Times.The Diplomat, May/June 2009, p. 19

Obama announces venue for Islam speech

So, it seems Barack has ignored my advice – and after all I’ve done for him! During last year’s US presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised that in the first 100 days of his administration he would travel to a major Islamic forum and deliver an address to redefine the West’s

More Pollyanna than power

Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues, reviews 'Great powers: America and the world after Bush', by Thomas P. Barnett, in the Sydney Morning Herald's Spectrum section. Sydney Morning Herald, 18 April 2009, Spectrum p. 31First published in the Washington Post, 8 March 2009

Unaccustomed as we are …

In the lead-up to Australia Day, Dr Michael Fullilove recalls some insightful speeches given on the subject of Australian history and culture. Dr Fullilove is program director for global issues at the Lowy Institute and the editor of 'Men and Women of Australia!' Our Greatest Modern Speeches (2005

Obama: 'I was with Kevin Rudd today...'

For those who are not so pointy-headed as to watch Barack Obama’s press conference live from the East Room of the White House, the president just gave Kevin Rudd a nice little shout-out: QUESTION: Good evening, Mr. President. Thank you. Taking this economic debate a bit globally,

Send the envoy: Obama diplomatic posse

An article by Dr Michael Fullilove on President Barack Obama's use of special envoys was published by Foreign Affairs magazine on 17 March 2009:      

Kagan can't spare any change for Obama

So Robert Kagan believes Barack Obama's election heralds no change to US foreign policy. Under the new administration, he argues in The Washington Post, 'the basic goals and premises of US policy have not shifted.' He ends his article with the ironic cry: 'Viva la revolucion!'