Tuesday 05 Jul 2022 | 07:03 | SYDNEY
People | experts Jenny Hayward-Jones
Nonresident Fellow, Pacific Islands Program
Lowy Institute
Areas of ExpertisePacific Islands politics; Pacific Islands economic and social development; governance; statebuilding

Learning from New Zealand

Recent statements by Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs Duncan Kerr and Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance Bob McMullan suggest the Rudd Government is moving closer to the introduction of a labour mobility program that would allow Pacific Islanders to

The value of remittances

My colleague Michael Fullilove’s new Lowy Institute Paper, World wide webs: Diasporas and the international system, discusses the positive development impact of global remittances, which now dwarf official development assistance, and recommends reform to reduce remittance fees and costs. AusAID

Kokoda: A question of sovereignty

Three weeks before Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is due to visit Papua New Guinea, his government is being tested on its attitude to the sovereignty of our nearest neighbour. Controversy over the proposed establishment of a copper mine by Australian mining company Frontier Resources on a section of

Aid recipients dispensing aid

The abundance of goodwill coming out of the current travels of new Solomon Islands Prime Minister Derek Sikua to Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand is excellent news for people like me interested in seeing stronger diplomatic ties in the region. Reports of Sikua’s visit to PNG had an

Everybody needs good neighbours

In this opinion piece in The Australian Financial Review, Jenny Hayward-Jones, The Myer Foundation Melanesia Program Director, argues that Australia needs to accept its regional identity and engage with its Pacific Island neighbours as sovereign partners rather than simply as recipients of aid in

Pacific Islands: A fresh start

I argue in today’s Australian Financial Review that Australia needs to accept its Pacific regional identity and treat its Pacific Island neighbours as sovereign states. Australia has for too long treated Pacific Island governments as aid clients and not invested in developing sound institutional

A seasonal work policy for the Pacific Islands

Reader Paul Cotton makes an interesting reference to a subject close to my heart and one I will continue to follow on The Interpreter: Of particular interest will be the Government's view on work programs for Pacific islanders in Australia. Comments have been made that Australia is

Pacific Islands: Overcoming the aid mind-set

The previous government’s hectoring of Pacific Island leaders and politicians, which led to the image problem identified by Cynthia Banham in today's SMH, received surprisingly little scrutiny in Australia. The Pacific is our region; we should understand it, we should have positive and

The Melanesia Program

In response to my post of Tuesday, Paul Cotton writes: I note from your introduction that the Institute has a 'new Melanesia programme'. The new Government has appointed a Minister for Pacific Affairs. Could not the Institute establish a Pacific programme? The previous administration only saw the

A time for hope in Melanesia

By the end of last week, a glimmer of hope had emerged in Australia’s hitherto difficult relationships with its two most significant Melanesian neighbours. New Prime Minister Kevin Rudd enjoyed a constructive first meeting with Papua New Guinean Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare in Bali on