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Shifting sands of diplomacy

David Uren, writing in The Australian on Australia-China relations since Hu Jintao's visit to Australia made waves and opened doors in 2003, quotes Lowy Institue Executive Director Michael Wesley.

Interview: Dr Rodger Shanahan - Situation in Syria

Lowy Institute Non-resident Fellow Dr Rodger Shanahan was interviewed on Radio National's RN Drive program on the expulsion of Syrian diplomats from Australia, the situation in Syria and the al-Assad regime.

Changing the university model - what lies beneath

In an opinion piece in The Australian Financial Review on the challenges facing the traditional university model, Stephen Parker quotes Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Wesley's comments at the recent Universities Australia conference.

Threat to US alliance nonsense: Smith

John Kerin, writing in The Australian Financial Review on the effect of deep cuts to defence spending on Australia's alliance with the United States, quotes Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Hugh White. 

Interview: James Brown - Private navies in the Indian Ocean

Lowy Institute Military Fellow James Brown was interviewed on SBS Ethnic Radio's World News Australia program on the increase in the number of private navies operating in the Indian Ocean over the past twelve months because of the threat of Somali piracy. 

Interview: James Brown - NATO Summit

Military Associate James Brown was interviewed on ABC NewsRadio's Breakfast program on Prime Minister Julia Gillard's announcements on Australia's timetable for withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Interview: James Brown - NATO Summit

Military Associate James Brown was interviewed on Radio National's The World Today program on the efforts of world leaders to try to forge a common vision for Afghanistan's future.

Voters care more for Anzac jingoism: claim

An article in The Australian quotes James Brown, a former army officer and now military fellow at the Lowy Institute, on the government's allocation of $83.5 million for the Anzac centenary. 

Guarded optimism as Fiji edges towards democracy

An article in Islands Business on how, after years of diplomatic isolation, Fiji’s military regime is experiencing a thaw in relations with regional powers Australia and New Zealand amid signs it is serious about holding elections, quotes a blog post by Jenny Hayward-Jones, Program Director, The Myer Foundation Melanesia Program, on The Interpreter on 9 January 2012.

PNG LNG project concerned over risk of election violence

Neil Ashdown, writing for IHS Global Insight Daily Analysis on how the management of Papua New Guinea's flagship Exxon Mobil liquefied natural gas (LNG) project has expressed concern over the risk of violence around the June elections, quotes a Lowy Institute Policy Brief, The 2012 national elections in Papua New Guinea: averting violence, by Dr Scott Flower and Jim Leahy.

The nine dragons stirring up the South China Sea

In an article in Today (Singapore) on the constant friction in the South China Sea, where Beijing’s territorial claims are rubbing up against competing claims from several South-east Asian nations, David Pilling quotes Lowy Institute Executive Director Dr Michael Wesley.

Jitters at growing might of Chinese

In an article in the Daily Telegraph on the rise of China, Joe Hildebrand quotes Dr Michael Wesley on Australia's response to the new world order.

Do we have to choose between China and the US?

In an article in The Sunday Age on the complex question that preoccupies Australian prime ministers, strategists and spooks - how to respond to the rise of China? - Tom Hyland quotes the 2011 Lowy Institute Poll on public opinion and foreign policy.

Gaga show ban highlights Indonesia weak spot

Does a country that doesn't want Lady Gaga, want or deserve your dollars?Stephen Grenville, a former Reserve Bank of Australia deputy governor who has become a savvy commentator on Asian economies, has pointed out that $100 invested in the Jakarta stockmarket in 2001 would now be worth $1000.

Bernanke bare bag of tricks

Economist Paul Krugman may want bolder monetary policy from the US Fed, but Ben Bernanke has already pushed to the limit what a central bank can do to get the economy moving faster.Originally published by The Lowy Institute publication The Interpreter. Reproduced with permission. 

Cuts to foreign aid 'could cost 250,000 lives'

BITTER disappointment at the budget decision to strip back promised foreign aid worth almost $3 billion over the next four years has quickly turned to cynicism within development circles, with experts questioning whether the government's long-promised target has been delayed or doomedThe effects of the Australian decision would be keenly felt by partner governments, such as Papua New Guinea and other Pacific nations, which are the recipients of Australian money, and would now have to juggle plans and priorities, said Annmaree O'Keeffe, a development specialist at the Lowy Institute and former AusAID senior official. ''These are departments that already have pretty limited resources and capacity,'' Ms O'Keeffe said

Call to offer all languages from an early age

TONY Abbott's ambitions for foreign language learning would require a new generation of teachers and mandatory classes for very young children, according to educator Cate Whitty.On Twitter, Asia studies scholar Michael Wesley made the blunt comment: ``Tony Abbott's languages policy will cost $11.3 billion over 30 years -- money well spent.''

Too much self-interest from too many doomsayers

There is a deal of commentary, local and international, that universities are in a bad way. It is said that they cost too much, there are too many (or too few) of them, they are about to be swept away by new breeds of providers, and academics are demoralised because of workload or because their institutions are being ground down to soulless teaching sweatshops run by managerialist ideologues.

Carr calls for closer ties with Chinese

AUSTRALIA will seek to build closer ties with China, the Foreign Affairs Minister, Bob Carr, said, while playing down tensions between the two countries.Senator Carr will float the possibility of establishing a high-level dialogue or regular consultation between the two nations when he meets with his Chinese counterpart, the Foreign Minister, Yang Jiechi, in Beijing today. He will also raise the idea when he meets the Vice-Premier, Li Keqiang, tomorrow but recognised Australia was just one of many countries competing for China's attention."That's why we're here, that's why there have been 44 ministerial visits since 2007," he said.China experts, including the Lowy Institute's east Asia program director, Linda Jakobson, have pointed to a period of strained Australia-China ties stemming from the former prime minister and foreign affairs minister Kevin Rudd's time at the helm.

Defence spending has been sacrificed on the altar of short-termism

THE sense of action and purpose that has been conveyed by the recent flurry of defence reports and reviews is largely illusory and cannot disguise an alarming drift in defence policy under the Gillard government.The ambitious, but achievable, strategic and budgetary targets set out in the 2009 defence white paper are now dead in the water. That is the only reasonable conclusion to be drawn from the steady attrition in defence spending over the past three years, which is accelerating as the government sacrifices good policy on the altar of political expediency in its obsessive pursuit of a pre-election budget surplus. 

Army should be careful with its aim

In an opinion piece in The Age, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Hugh White argues that the Army's amphibious-power ambitions do not make strategic sense.

McKibbin Working Paper announced as one of 50 most influential articles by MIT Press

A 2004 Lowy Institute Working Paper in International Economics by Warwick McKibbin and Jong-Wha Lee, 'Globalization and disease: the case of SARS', which was later published in Asian Economic Papers, Vol. 3 (1), Winter, 2004, was announced in May 2012 by MIT Press, on their 50th anniversary, as one of the 50 most influential articles in its collection of journals.The paper is available for download here

Australia: Finally, a Pacific worker scheme

In an article in Islands Business on the Pacific worker scheme, Graeme Dobell quotes a 2008 Lowy Institute Perspectives paper by Jenny Hayward-Jones, Program Director, The Myer Foundation Melanesia Program. The paper is entitled 'Labour mobility: an Australian seasonal work visa scheme for Pacific Islands labour'. 

Interview: Fergus Hanson - Illegal entry into Palau

Lowy Institute Research Fellow Fergus Hanson was interviewed on ABC Radio Australia about the case of the 25 Chinese nationals convicted of illegal entry into Palau who have returned home, but about whom speculation continues that rather than fishing the boat was on a spying mission..

Our man in the Holy See

An article in The Sydney Morning Herald on Australia's diplomatic service quotes a Lowy Institute report, 'Diplomatic disrepair: rebuilding Australia's international policy infrastructure', by Alex Oliver and Andrew Shearer. 

Interview: Rory Medcalf - Indian missile test

Rory Medcalf, Program Director International Security, was interviewed on Radio SYN FM's Panorama program on the successful test of an Indian missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and reaching Beijing. 

Palau concerned China may be spying

Lowy Institute Research Fellow Fergus Hanson was interviewed on Australia Network News on the concerns of the Palau government that Chinese nationals were involved in a spying mission. 

China seeks to star in South Pacific

In an article in The Wall Street Journal on China's grants and loans to the Pacific Islands, Lucy Craymer quotes Lowy Institute research on the subject by Fergus Hanson. 

China 'not ready' for leadership role

In an artricle in The Sydney Morning Herald, Peter Cai reports on the third China Changing Lecture delivered to the Lowy Institute by Professor David Daokui Li, a former Chinese central banker.