Saturday 21 Jul 2018 | 02:44 | SYDNEY

Chapter 1 - History, Geography, Demography: 1:47
Chapter 2 - Energy, Trade and Security: 4:02
Chapter 3 - A Tale of Two Roads: 7:18

The West Asia Program has launched a new major research project investigating how three key states in the Middle East and Central Asia – Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and Iran – approach their relations with China. In particular, the project focuses on the balancing acts, dilemmas and difficult choices that these resource-exporting countries face even as they seize upon the enormous opportunities provided by the world’s fastest growing energy consumer.

The first two papers in the project, on Saudi relations with China, and Kazakh relations with China, will be published in 2012. In the meantime this short video recounts a recent research trip to Kazakhstan and China by project authors Anthony Bubalo and Konrad Muller and previews some of the issues and themes being tackled in the research.

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