Tuesday 17 Jul 2018 | 21:14 | SYDNEY

In response to more widespread Somali piracy attacks and soaring crew ransoms, shipping companies are turning to private military security companies to provide both armed guards and armed patrol boats to fight pirates in the Indian Ocean. At this Lowy Lecture, Military Fellow James Brown will discuss research findings from his forthcoming  Lowy Institute Analysis "Pirates and Privateers" which considers the rise of private navies in the Indian Ocean in the past 12 months. His research traces the emergence of maritime private military security companies, details how they operate, and outlines the implications of their use for national governments and international organisations.

The Lowy Institute's research project "Privateers in Australia's Conflict and Disaster Zones" aims to examine issues behind the use of private military security companies in conflict and disaster zones where Australians might be deployed. The project is funded by and conducted in collaboration with the Australian Civil Military Centre, part of the Department of Defence.

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