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H.E. Mr Ban Ki-moon address

On Monday 14 August, H.E. Mr Ban Ki-moon, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea, addressed the Lowy Institute as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series. Mr Ban is also a leading candidate to become the next Secretary-General of the United Nations. His speech covered

The high price of feeding the hungry dragon

In a Comment piece for the Financial Times, Mark Thirlwell looks at how China's appetite for resources is reshaping bilateral ties with a range of commodity exporters. Using Australia as an example, he argues that while feeding the hungry dragon is proving to be an economically rewarding experience

Global shift

On 19 April Mark Thirlwell spoke at the NSW branch of the Australian Institute for International Affairs. The subject of his talk was ‘Global shift: how China and India are reshaping the world economy’. A copy of his presentation is available for download

The paramount power

In a Lowy Institute Paper entitled The Paramount Power: China and the Countries of Southeast Asia, Dr Milton Osborne examines how China's relations with Southeast Asia have dramatically changed for the better in the last ten years

Sorting out the spaghetti

In a lunchtime meeting held at the Lowy Institute on 30 March, Professor David Vines from Oxford University discussed the damage inflicted on the international trading system by the spread of discriminatory trade agreements and outlined some policies designed to ameliorate the problem. A copy of

Angst without frontiers

Mark Thirlwell explains how the proponents of globalisation are now baulking at the competition from China and India that their philosophy has inspired. A version of this article appeared in the Australian Financial Review, 10 April 2006, p. 21

Regional Australia China boom

In this opinion piece, Malcolm Cook, the Institute’s program director for Asia and the Pacific, looks at how regional Australia is the greatest beneficiary of closer commercial ties with China. China plays larger in Perth, Brisbane and Darwin than in the Sydney-Canberra Melbourne triangle.The

A changing dynamic in the region

In a preview to his upcoming Lowy Institute Paper, Milton Osborne, a visiting fellow at the Institute, argues in an opinion piece published in the Australian that China is now the paramount power in Southeast Asia.The Australian, 3 April 2006, p. 8

A case for reform

The international economic architecture is overdue for renovation. Product of a simpler, post-war world, it faces the challenge of adapting to a new century characterised by emerging middle-class economies, new regional alliances, and crumbling ruins in once great superpowers. Stephen Grenville

The new terms of trade

In this 2005 Lowy Institute Paper, Mark Thirlwell surveys the changing international trade landscape. The inability of policymakers to deliver the Doha Round has become a powerful symbol of the growing strains on the multilateral trading system

Regional forum can be rescued

Allan Gyngell and Malcolm Cook argue that the APEC leaders' summit in Busan, Korea this weekend will reinforce the importance of APEC and highlight its serious shortcomings. APEC needs to narrow its agenda, strengthen its Secretariat and redefine its purpose if it is to remain at the core of Asia

The changing structure of the international economy

Mark Thirlwell argues that the fall of the Berlin Wall, together with technological innovation and economic liberalisation contributed to the birth of a new global economy. This new global economy has been distinguished by four characteristics: greater market integration; global reorientation; new

A better sense of balance

Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Stephen Grenville writes on the risks we face in any realignment of international payments. Australian Financial Review, 14 October 2005, Review p. 3

Shaking the world?

A favourite cliché of China watchers has been the Napoleonic aphorism: 'Let China sleep; when she wakes, she will shake the world.' In this paper in the Lowy Institute’s Perspectives series, Mark Thirlwell asks whether a resurgent China is 'shaking' the world economy and reshaping our

Convergence and per capita carbon emissions

In a new Working Paper in International Economics, Professor Warwick McKibbin and Alison Stegman write that assumptions about carbon emissions per person lie behind many future climate projections as well as being the basis of a number of policy proposals. 

China and the international economy

Mark Thirlwell took part in a panel discussion on 18 March marking the launch of the CEDA research report, China in Australia's Future. Mark also contributed the overview chapter, a copy of which is available from the CEDA web site ( along with information about the full report. A

Royal families

In this week of Royal visits to Australia, it seems appropriate to revisit a proposal the Lowy Institute's program director for the international economy, Mark Thirlwell, put forward last year, for Australia to move with best economic practice by outsourcing its monarchy. This piece first

Indonesia in a changing global environment

Indonesia faces a number of important challenges both in the short run and in the longer run. The world economy is currently growing robustly but a number of uncertainties cloud the economic outlook. A strong global economy is being challenged by higher oil prices.