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Double threat to democracy

Lowy Institute Research Fellow Dr Dave McRae, in an article for the Review section of The Australian Financial Review, argues that in light of the significant efforts Indonesia has made to reduce the threat of terrorism, the time is overdue for the government to bring another form of extremism

Situation dire as Al Qaeda rises in Yemen

In an opinion piece for The Drum, Dr Rodger Shanahan writes that if anyone ever needed a reminder that relying on technology to fight a war can achieve tactical successes while strategic failure threatens, Yemen has provided such a reminder this week. The Drum, 10 May 2012

Lowy Lecture Series: Lessons from a decade of Australian anti-terror law - George Williams presentation

Australia has experienced a turbulent ten years of enacting new anti-terror laws as a response to the UN Security Council and attacks overseas. These laws are of unprecedented reach, and provide powers and sanctions that were unthinkable prior to September 11. A decade on, George Williams AO, one of

West must rethink way it deals with Islamabad

In this op-ed in The Australian, the director of the Lowy Institute’s international security program, Rory Medcalf, argues that the discovery and death of Bin Laden on the doorstep on Pakistan’s military academy raises fundamental questions about Islamabad as an ally against terrorism. It is

Al-Qaeda, tribes and instability in Yemen

In this Lowy Institute Analysis, Sarah Phillips and Rodger Shanahan discuss the re-emergence of a significant al-Qaeda presence in Yemen. The authors focus on al-Qaeda’s efforts to build relations with local Yemeni tribes, something that will be central to the movement’s prospects of cementing a

Mumbai terrorist attacks

In this opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review, International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf assesses some of the repercussions of the Mumbai terrorist attacks. He judges that military confrontation between India and Pakistan is unlikely, and that India might instead focus on its

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy: Liquid terror - Waleed Aly presentation

On 19 September at the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, Waleed Aly, in a presentation entitled 'Liquid terror: the dynamics of home-grown radicalisation', examined the contentious issue of radicalisation in Western Muslim communities.Waleed Aly was a board member of the Islamic Council of Victoria for over

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy: David Hicks and the war on terror: what are the lessons? - Leigh Sales presentation

On 13 June, at the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, award-winning journalist Leigh Sales addressed the difficult case of David Hicks and its implications for the global war on terror.Now that Mr Hicks is back in an Australian prison, what lessons should we take from the drawn-out saga? What has this case

Distinguished Speaker Series: Future trends in terrorism - Sageman, Coll, Benjamin presentations

On 23 October, as part of our Distinguished Speaker Series, the Lowy Institute for International Policy hosted a panel discussion with three of America's leading experts on terrorism, Marc Sageman, Steve Coll and Daniel Benjamin. They discussed future trends in global terrorism, providing unique

Blair front line

In this article, two Lowy Institute analysts examine the implications of the London bombings. Anthony Bubalo and Dr Michael Fullilove, respectively the research fellow and program director for global issues at the Institute, argue that in terms of both explanations for and implications of the

Putting terrorism into perspective

In an opinion article Anthony Bubalo welcomes the Federal Government's release of a white paper on terrorism as an important contribution to the public discussion of this critical issue. That discussion needs, however, to go beyond the parameters of the white paper to a consideration of where