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Regional relationships

These anti-Japan protests are different

In an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal Asia, Linda Jakobson, Program Director East Asia, compares the recent anti-Japanese protests to similar anti-Japanese sentiment which swept across China seven years ago. This time around, the consequences could be much more serious

Stakes in uncertainty: Australia future with China, India and the United States

Australia’s choices in the Indo-Pacific Asian century will not simply involve China and the United States. India, too, needs to be in the picture. In this lecture delivered at the Observer Research Foundation in New Delhi in mid-2012, the Lowy Institute’s Rory Medcalf outlines the impact of a

Lowy Lecture Series: Southeast Asia - Professor Nicholas Tarling presentation

On 19 October 2011, in the Lowy Lecture Series, Professor Nicholas Tarling reviewed some of the legacies, actual and perceived, of the pre-colonial and colonial periods to the post-colonial period in Southeast Asia, and their relationship to the 'ASEAN Way'.Nicholas Tarling is a Fellow of the New

The dangers of denial: nuclear weapons in China-India relations

Is a dangerous nuclear competition emerging between the two most populous nations? In this Lowy Institute Analysis, Fiona Cunningham and Rory Medcalf warn of nuclear dangers as China and India rise. The authors call for a strategic stability dialogue embedded in mutual respect, to ensure possible

Ruinous US-China relations the big danger from North Korea

In this opinion piece in The Age, Lowy Institute International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf argues that the greatest damage from the November 2010 North Korean bombardment could be to US-China relations and thus to peace among the great powers in Asia.The Age, 25 November 2010, p. 21

H.E. Mr Ban Ki-moon address

On Monday 14 August, H.E. Mr Ban Ki-moon, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea, addressed the Lowy Institute as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series. Mr Ban is also a leading candidate to become the next Secretary-General of the United Nations. His speech covered

The paramount power

In a Lowy Institute Paper entitled The Paramount Power: China and the Countries of Southeast Asia, Dr Milton Osborne examines how China's relations with Southeast Asia have dramatically changed for the better in the last ten years

Regional Australia China boom

In this opinion piece, Malcolm Cook, the Institute’s program director for Asia and the Pacific, looks at how regional Australia is the greatest beneficiary of closer commercial ties with China. China plays larger in Perth, Brisbane and Darwin than in the Sydney-Canberra Melbourne triangle.The

A changing dynamic in the region

In a preview to his upcoming Lowy Institute Paper, Milton Osborne, a visiting fellow at the Institute, argues in an opinion piece published in the Australian that China is now the paramount power in Southeast Asia.The Australian, 3 April 2006, p. 8