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Lowy Lecture Series: Southeast Asia - Professor Nicholas Tarling presentation

On 19 October 2011, in the Lowy Lecture Series, Professor Nicholas Tarling reviewed some of the legacies, actual and perceived, of the pre-colonial and colonial periods to the post-colonial period in Southeast Asia, and their relationship to the 'ASEAN Way'.Nicholas Tarling is a Fellow of the New

Crisis and confidence: major powers and maritime security in Indo-Pacific Asia

Maritime tensions have remained high on the Asian security agenda after the 2011 East Asia Summit and ASEAN Regional Forum. Crisis and Confidence: major powers and maritime security in Indo-Pacific Asia, warns of the risks of war in the South China Sea and other regional waters. It examines the

Prime Minister outlines his agenda

In a speech to the Lowy Institute on 27 August, the Australian Prime Minister, the Hon. John Howard MP, outlined his objectives for the Sydney meeting of APEC, the most significant international gathering ever held in Australia. Mr Howard spoke about APEC activities in the fields of trade, regional

Regional forum can be rescued

Allan Gyngell and Malcolm Cook argue that the APEC leaders' summit in Busan, Korea this weekend will reinforce the importance of APEC and highlight its serious shortcomings. APEC needs to narrow its agenda, strengthen its Secretariat and redefine its purpose if it is to remain at the core of Asia