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Global Issues

Another accountability moment

In this opinion piece, which appeared in The Australian on Monday 12 March 2007, Dr Michael Fullilove argues that unlike their more scrupulous American counterparts, Australian supporters of the Iraq war have not held themselves to account.The Australian, 12 March 2007, p. 8

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Bill Bowtell presentation

At the Wednesday Lowy Lunch on 7 March 2007, Bill Bowtell, the Director of the Institute’s HIV/AIDS Project, explained how and why the HIV/AIDS pandemic developed, the severe regional consequences and costs if it is not checked, and the need to rethink current international HIV/AIDS strategies

Gordon world

Gordon Brown recently succeeded Tony Blair as prime minister of Great Britain. Several months ago the Lowy Institute hosted a leading British commentator speaking on the likely shape of British foreign policy under Gordon Brown's leadership.On Friday 16 February Tom Bentley spoke to the Lowy Lunch

Heavy artillery trained on PM

Dr Michael Fullilove comments on the disagreement between Prime Minister John Howard and Senator Barack Obama in this op-ed in The Australian Financial Review on 13 February 2007. Dr Fullilove argues there are two troubling developments. First, the tenor of the Prime Minister's intervention will

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy: The year ahead 2007 - Lowy Institute Scholars presentation

At the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy on 7 February, the Lowy Institute's scholars discussed what we should be keeping an eye out for in international policy in 2007.Dr Michael Fullilove, the Program Director for Global Issues, discussed global trends and the United States. Mark Thirlwell, the Program

Scorched earth an insecure place

Lowy Institute Non-resident Senior Fellow, Professor Alan Dupont, writes on the new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. He is the author, with Dr Graeme Pearman, of a Lowy Institute Paper entitled 'Heating up the planet: climate change and security

Don't think it over

In this opinion piece in The Australian, Owen Harries argues that notwithstanding the debacle unfolding in Iraq, the Bush doctrine of preventive war, regime change and aggressive unilateralism is not necessarily dead. The Australian, 19 December 2006, p. 10

John Bolton resignation

The resignation of John Bolton as US Permanent Representative to the United Nations is likely to confirm the trend toward moderation in the Bush Administration's foreign policy which has been visible for the past three years. It may also enable the United States to conduct its business more

End of simplicity

In the wake of Iraq, Australia needs to develop a more nuanced foreign policy, suggests Owen Harries.This op-ed is adapted from his recent Perspective, After Iraq. The Australian, 1 December 2006, p. 12

After Iraq

In this new Perspective, Owen Harries, one of Australia's leading commentators and a Visiting Fellow at the Lowy Institute, writes on US and Australian foreign policy 'After Iraq'.In the last three and a half years, 'Iraq' has come to stand for many things beyond a geographical location and a state

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Owen Harries presentation

On 29 November 2006 at a special Wednesday Lunch at Lowy at 31 Bligh Street, the noted commentator Owen Harries spoke on the topic 'After Iraq'. In the last three and a half years, 'Iraq' has come to stand for many things beyond a geographical location and a state: a political and moral commitment;

Peter Hartcher special briefing

On Friday 10 November the Lowy Institute hosted a special briefing on the results of the mid-term congressional elections, in which the Democratic Party regained control of both houses of Congress. The featured speaker was award-winning journalist, author and Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Peter

Ties to the US are worth cherishing

The American Left won an important victory in the congressional mid-term elections. In this op-ed in The Australian on 9 November, Dr Michael Fullilove examines the Australian Left's approach to the US and to our alliance with that country.The Australian, 9 November 2006, p. 14

When the right words matter

In this article in the Saturday Age on 11 November, Dr Michael Fullilove reviews the history of great Australian remembrance speeches. Dr Fullilove is editor of 'Men and Women of Australia!' Our Greatest Modern Speeches (Vintage

Letter to the editor

In this letter to the Editor of The Australian, Dr Michael Fullilove replies to a recent op-ed which defended the Australian Government's inconsistent approach to the death penalty. The Australian, 13 September 2005, p. 15

Is a "New Middle East" possible?

In a speech on 23 August 2006 co-hosted jointly by the Lowy Institute and the University of Sydney, Lowy Institute Board Member, Ambassador Martin Indyk, addressed the current turmoil in the Middle East and, in particular, what this meant for the United States goal of re-shaping and democratising

A proposal to curb Asia over-active death row

In this Comment piece in the Financial Times, Dr Michael Fullilove of the Lowy Institute observes that although the Western press gives the impression that most executions occur in the American boondocks, in fact Asia is world's best practice at executing people. He argues for the establishment of a

Australia should take a moral lead

Dr Michael Fullilove argues in this opinion piece in the Saturday Age of 19 August that Australia should oppose the scheduled executions of the Bali bombers and all other instances of capital punishment. He suggests that Australian political leaders ought to speak consistently on the issue and that

Capital punishment and Australian foreign policy

In this Policy Brief, Dr Michael Fullilove examines how the Australian Government implements its stated opposition to the death penalty. He finds that while Australia is an effective advocate for Australian nationals on death row, we do less than we could in relation to universal abolition. 

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Leigh Sales presentation

The detention centre at Guantanamo Bay is leading the news at the moment. Last month the US Supreme Court handed down what the Wall Street Journal called a withering opinion, striking down the military tribunals before which the Bush Administration had planned to try the Guantanamo detainees.

When reality no longer matches rhetoric

In the featured op-ed in the June 6th issue of the Financial Times, Dr Michael Fullilove of the Lowy Institute argues that President Bush has badly overwritten his foreign policy. In the first term, Mr Bush’s sweeping rhetoric exaggerated the defects of his policies. During his second term the

Speech impediment

In this essay in the April-May edition of The Diplomat, Dr Michael Fullilove argues that Australian foreign policy speeches are duller than they need be. The essay draws on a longer Perspective entitled ‘Speeches and foreign policy

RAMSI and state-building in Solomon Islands

Dr Michael Fullilove has an article in the Autumn edition of Defender, entitled ‘RAMSI and State-building in Solomon Islands’. The article draws on his recent Analysis, 'The Testament of Solomons: RAMSI and International State-building.' Defender, Vol. 23(1), Autumn 2006, pp 31-35