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Global Economic Governance

With friends in high places

Australia is a wealthy nation with a small population occupying a large continent located a great distance from our historical sources of security and prosperity. As a result, the single foreign policy theme which has united our otherwise diverse postwar prime ministers has been the desire to join (

Public lecture: Natural hazards, unnatural disasters: the economics of effective prevention - Apurva Sanghi

At a lecture at the Lowy Institute on 10 March, World Bank Senior Economist Apurva Sanghi discussed a thought-provoking report by the World Bank and the United Nations. 'Natural Hazards, UnNatural Disasters: The Economics of Effective Prevention' will change the way we look at disaster prevention

There hope in Bush hawkish nomination

While the news that Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Defence Secretary and architect of the Iraq War, has been nominated to head the World Bank has disappointed some and angered others, Mark Thirlwell wonders if the outspoken neo-con could turn out to be a surprisingly appropriate Bank president. The

G7 should step aside for more representative body

Mark Thirlwell and Malcolm Cook argue that China's recent inclusion in the G7 should not be a one-off expansion. It should be the first step in the replacement of the G7 by its more representative progeny, the G20, which includes Australia.Australian Financial Review, 29 September 2004, p.63