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Defence & Security

Twenty-first century ANZACS

In this article in the Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter, Nick Floyd, Chief of Army Visiting Fellow at the Lowy Institute, and Peter Greener, Senior Fellow at the New Zealand Defence Force Command & Staff College, review the recent announcements by the New Zealand and Australian Governments on a

Wary of China, neglectful of Japan and warming to the US

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Dr Michael Wesley and Fergus Hanson examine how Australians view the world, drawing on five years of Lowy Institute polling. They find Australians to be outward-looking and engaged in international affairs. The vast majority feel safe and Australians are

Lowy Institute Panel: Can Obama disarmament agenda work?

On 29 September, the Lowy Institute convened an expert panel to examine the implications of President Obama's push to reduce nuclear dangers, as well as to debate broader questions about nuclear disarmament. Moderated by Executive Director Dr Michael Wesley, the panel also included Deputy Director

Unconventional partners: Australia-India cooperation in reducing nuclear dangers

In this Policy Brief, International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf and his Indian co-author Amandeep Gill argue that an innovative partnership between Australia and India would help erode the entrenched blocs that impede progress on nuclear disarmament

A future Anzac force would have many advantages

In this article in the National Times, Nick Floyd and Peter Greener, Senior Fellow at the Command & Staff College, New Zealand Defence Force, consider the relative merits of a standing trans-Tasman force, ready to meet shared national security challenges. National Times, 25 September 2009

Australia security challenges: lessons for others?

Chief of Army Visiting Fellow Nicholas Floyd published an article in Issue 94/2009 of RSIS Commentaries, a publication of the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore, on how lessons from Australian Defence Force experiences can be adapted and exported to other security stakeholders

Can Australia meet its security challenges?

In an article in The Diplomat, Lieutenant Colonel Nick Floyd discusses his recent Lowy Institute Analysis, "How Defence can contribute to Australia's national security strategy". The Analysis considers what needs to be done to improve the whole-of-government approach to national security against the

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy: Going global: Australia-Japan relations - Andrew Shearer and Malcolm Cook presentations

At the Wednesday Lowy Lunch on 16 June, Malcolm Cook and Andrew Shearer discussed how the Australia-Japan relationship can help both countries respond to the emerging new order in international relations. This order is characterised by changing global power balances, the move towards a more multi-

Challenges afloat in white paper

In an article in a Special Report on Defence in the Weekend Australian, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Hugh White examines the plans for investment in expansion in Australia's surface navy. The Weekend Australian, 23-24 May 2008, p. Special Report - Defence, p. 5

Australia bulks up

In an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal Asia, Lowy Institute Senior Research Fellow Andrew Shearer comments on the Rudd government's recent Defence White Paper and the Obama administration's cuts to the US defence budget. While welcoming plans for a bigger and more capable ADF he expresses

Our China question: friend or foe?

In this opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald, International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf considers how Australia's imminent Defence White Paper might be received in Beijing. He notes that Australia is broadly right to strengthen its defences for an uncertain future, but suggests some

Australia and Japan: Going global

In new Lowy Institute report, supported by the Australia-Japan Foundation, Andrew Shearer and Malcolm Cook propose a new agenda for multilateral cooperation between Australia and Japan. The growing international weight of Asia and the forces of globalisation are expanding the number of issues states

Bracing for the Asian century

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Hugh White argues that Australia's defence needs must be assessed in the light of the shifting global balance of power and particularly China's ascendancy.This is a summary of a Lowy Institute Paper, A Focused Force: Australia's

Australia strategic analysis capabilities

In this article in the journal Security Challenges, International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf examines Australia's strategic analysis capabilities, both within and beyond the formal intelligence community. He presents a case for open-source strategic assessments to be presented in the

International security in 2008: The year in review

In this lecture to the NSW Royal United Services Institute, International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf identifies some major events and trends of 2008 - from the Russia-Georgia war to Somali piracy and the global financial crisis – in the light of their long-term implications for global