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Defence & Security

America grand strategy in Asia: what would Mahan do?

In the Lowy Institute’s latest Asia security ‘Strategic Snapshot’, distinguished American Asia scholar and former senior White House official Dr Michael J. Green examines Asia’s changing power dynamics and asks what grand strategy 19th century geo-strategist Alfred Thayer Mahan, the father

Coral Sea neighbours - then and now

In this latest article on Pacific strategic issues, Army Visiting Fellow Nick Floyd argues that on the eve of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Australia and New Caledonia, it is timely to consider the continuing strategic relevance of this near neighbour to Australia.The article

Analysing 'A Careful War'

'A Careful War’ was a compelling two-part documentary program which appeared on the ABC’s Four Corners earlier this month. Distinguished reporter Chris Masters undertook a ground-level exploration of one corner of the Afghanistan conflict. Focusing on the work of an Australian mentoring company

The APC is a dead parrot

In an opinion piece published on Caixin Online, Andrew Shearer argues that the concept of an Asia Pacific Community as proposed by Kevin Rudd is now defunct, but that Australia has a strong record of institution-building in Asia which should be continued.Caixin Online, 20 July 2010

How do we know when we are at war?

In this Lowy Institute perspective, former Australian Chief of Army Peter Leahy argues that Australia needs greater civilian engagement if it is to have a chance of prevailing in counter-insurgency warfare. His recommendations include parliamentary ratification of military deployments and a reset of

Flying the flag, not the coop

In an opinion piece in the Canberra Times, Research Associate Raoul Heinrichs argues that Australia can achieve its alliance management objectives in Afghanistan without risking Australian lives, and that Australian forces should be subject to more restrictive limits on the kinds of tasks they

Distinguished Speaker Series: Potential security consequences of the nuclear energy revival - Dr Charles Ferguson presentation

On 21 June 2010, the Lowy Institute held a lecture by the President of the Federation of American Scientists, Dr Charles Ferguson, as part of its Distinguished Speaker Series. Dr Ferguson examined the links between civil nuclear energy and nuclear weapons proliferation. In light of the growing

Power and choice: Asian security futures

This paper sets the foundation for the Lowy Institute’s MacArthur Asia Security Project. It outlines four regional security futures, the strategic dynamics and political choices that could give rise to each of them, and their implications for the region’s security architecture. It then examines

Australia and New Zealand in Asia

In an opinion piece in the Canberra Times, Malcolm Cook summarises the Outlook Paper he wrote for the Asia New Zealand Foundation entitled 'Standing together, in single file: Australian views of New Zealand and Asia'. It argues that Australia and New Zealand are being gradually decoupled when it

India ahoy

In this opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal (Asia), International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf argues that India needs to sustain its smart naval diplomacy to manage tensions as China’s role increases in the Indian Ocean.Wall Street Journal, 29 April 2010

Conference Report: Asia’s Nuclear Future

In February 2010 the Lowy Institute co-hosted a major international workshop on Asia’s Nuclear Future with the US-based Non-Proliferation Policy Education Centre. Leading experts and security practitioners from the United States, China, Japan, India, Pakistan and Australia had a candid exchange of

Adapting America’s Security Paradigm

On 23 March the Washington-based National Strategy Information Center (NSIC) released a major report arguing that the United States and other democracies face a radically altered international security environment that will require a range of new and better integrated capabilities. The report,

Wednesday Lowy Lunch: Can nuclear competition be avoided? - Panellists' presentations

At Lunch at Lowy on 16 February an exceptional panel of visiting international experts and policy practitioners from India, Pakistan, China and the USA discussed the risks of nuclear competition between the nuclear armed states in South West Asia and China. The panellists are in Sydney for a

Will America defend its Asian allies?

In an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal, Andrew Shearer, Director of Studies and Senior Research Fellow at the Lowy Institute, analyses the Pentagon's recently-released 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review and comments on some of the implications for America’s allies in Asia. Wall Street

Media raising a scare will do more harm than good

In this opinion piece in India’s Mail Today newspaper, Lowy Institute coordinator of the Australia-India Roundtable Rory Medcalf argues that sensationalist media reporting putting a racial angle on the crimes against Indian students in Australia is not in the interests of bilateral relations or of

Al-Qaeda, tribes and instability in Yemen

In this Lowy Institute Analysis, Sarah Phillips and Rodger Shanahan discuss the re-emergence of a significant al-Qaeda presence in Yemen. The authors focus on al-Qaeda’s efforts to build relations with local Yemeni tribes, something that will be central to the movement’s prospects of cementing a

The stellar status symbol

In the latest issue of China Security, Research Associate Fiona Cunningham argues that Chinese behaviour needs to be viewed in light of its ambition to become a great power. ‘The Stellar Status Symbol: True Motives for China’s Manned Space Program’ examines China’s first manned space mission