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On the 11th, remember the living

In an opinion piece in The Sydney Morning Herald, Lowy Institute Military Associate James Brown argues that it's time we started caring more about soldiers who are alive, than those long dead.Sydney Morning Herald, 11 November 2011, p. 13.Also published in The Age, 11 November 2011, as The Diggers

The diplomatic tweet

In his latest column in the journal American Review, the Lowy Institute’s Rory Medcalf argues that diplomats, spies, journalists and analysts who shun social media are at risk of becoming the blacksmiths of the information age: quaint, heavy-handed and unviable. His column can be accessed here

Shared goals, converging interests: a plan for US-Australia-India cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

In this major new report launched on 4 November, scholars from the Lowy Institute, the Heritage Foundation and the Observer Research Foundation identify common challenges and opportunities facing Australia, India and the United States in the Indo-Pacific region. The report notes that Australia-India

Lowy Lecture Series: Southeast Asia - Professor Nicholas Tarling presentation

On 19 October 2011, in the Lowy Lecture Series, Professor Nicholas Tarling reviewed some of the legacies, actual and perceived, of the pre-colonial and colonial periods to the post-colonial period in Southeast Asia, and their relationship to the 'ASEAN Way'.Nicholas Tarling is a Fellow of the New

The dangers of denial: nuclear weapons in China-India relations

Is a dangerous nuclear competition emerging between the two most populous nations? In this Lowy Institute Analysis, Fiona Cunningham and Rory Medcalf warn of nuclear dangers as China and India rise. The authors call for a strategic stability dialogue embedded in mutual respect, to ensure possible

Lonely power, staying power

In the latest Strategic Snapshot, Dr John Lee, Adjunct Associate Professor and Michael Hintze Fellow in Energy Security at the University of Sydney, challenges a number of assumptions about the transformation of Asia’s security environment. Contrary to expectations, he argues, the United States

New Voices 2011

On 8 July 2011, the Lowy Institute for International Policy hosted its eighth annual New Voices conference. The 2011 conference ‘Dynamic Asia’ adopted an Indo-Pacific regional focus. ‘Dynamic Asia’ required participants to interrogate the way in which we think about Asia as a geopolitical

No defence to warship blowout

In an opinion piece in The Age, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Hugh White argues that Australia's $8 billion commitment to the construction of three Air Warfare Destroyers is a waste of money — too expensive and out of line with our strategic interests.The Age, 27 September 2011, p. 11

Lowy Lecture Series: Lessons from a decade of Australian anti-terror law - George Williams presentation

Australia has experienced a turbulent ten years of enacting new anti-terror laws as a response to the UN Security Council and attacks overseas. These laws are of unprecedented reach, and provide powers and sanctions that were unthinkable prior to September 11. A decade on, George Williams AO, one of

America dangerous battle plan

In this piece for The Diplomat, Raoul Heinrichs, editor of the Lowy Institute's Strategic Snapshot series, argues that the US AirSea Battle plan for the Western Pacific is costly, dangerous and unnecessary - and should be abandoned in favour of a more asymmetric maritime denial strategy.The Diplomat

Launch of Antarctica Policy Brief

In the Food for Thought event in Canberra on 8 August 2011, National Security Fellow Ellie Fogarty launched a report that analyses what Australia’s national interests in Antarctica are, and considers how they might best be protected and advanced in the future. She was joined in a panel discussion

Distinguished Speaker Series: The 2010 Nuclear Posture Review and its implications for the Asia-Pacific - Dr Hans Kristensen presentation

The Obama Administration's April 2010 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) combines nuclear force planning and arms control into a single document with a long-term goal of eliminating nuclear weapons. On Wednesday 3 August 2011, our distinguished speaker Dr Hans Kristensen, Director of the Nuclear

The challenge of innovation in the Australian Army

In this article in Security Challenges, James Brown argues that in an environment of fiscal austerity and strategic uncertainty, the defining challenge for the Australian Army after Afghanistan will be to foster innovation. He argues that despite having excellent soldiers and officers, the market