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Cyber Security

Lowy Lecture Series: Lessons from a decade of Australian anti-terror law - George Williams presentation

Australia has experienced a turbulent ten years of enacting new anti-terror laws as a response to the UN Security Council and attacks overseas. These laws are of unprecedented reach, and provide powers and sanctions that were unthinkable prior to September 11. A decade on, George Williams AO, one of

Public lecture: Natural hazards, unnatural disasters: the economics of effective prevention - Apurva Sanghi

At a lecture at the Lowy Institute on 10 March, World Bank Senior Economist Apurva Sanghi discussed a thought-provoking report by the World Bank and the United Nations. 'Natural Hazards, UnNatural Disasters: The Economics of Effective Prevention' will change the way we look at disaster prevention

Australia and New Zealand in Asia

In an opinion piece in the Canberra Times, Malcolm Cook summarises the Outlook Paper he wrote for the Asia New Zealand Foundation entitled 'Standing together, in single file: Australian views of New Zealand and Asia'. It argues that Australia and New Zealand are being gradually decoupled when it

The sting of climate change

Climate change is not only affecting where people live and prosper but also where mosquitoes do. This is bad news for northern Australia and Australia's northern neighbours. In a new policy brief, Dr Sarah Potter, a malaria research scientist, analyses how climate change will likely affect the

Obama takes to world stage

In an opinion piece in The Australian Financial Review, Dr Michael Fullilove writes that Barack Obama is taking the foreign policy fight directly to rival John McCain.Australian Financial Review, 23 July 2008, p. 63

Dr Peter Piot presentation

On 23 May 2008, at the Tokyo Symposium on International Health Security and Communicable Diseases, the Executive Director of UNAIDS gave a comprehensive and compelling outline of the current situation regarding the HIV pandemic and associated issues. Dr Piot has kindly agreed to allow the Lowy

Deadly failure of nerve

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Bill Bowtell, Director of the Lowy Institute's HIV/AIDS Project, argues that medical advances in treating HIV are helping many but only better prevention policies can save millions more from infection.This is an edited extract from 'Applying the paradox of

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy: David Hicks and the war on terror: what are the lessons? - Leigh Sales presentation

On 13 June, at the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, award-winning journalist Leigh Sales addressed the difficult case of David Hicks and its implications for the global war on terror.Now that Mr Hicks is back in an Australian prison, what lessons should we take from the drawn-out saga? What has this case

There is no need to change HIV-risk immigration policy

In this article in The Australian, Bill Bowtell argues that there is no need to change Australia's present HIV immigration laws, and the flexible and tolerant way they have been applied to allow the immigration of some people with HIV. The Australian, 21 April 2007, Health section, p. 21

HIV/AIDS: The looming Asia Pacific pandemic

In a Policy Brief on HIV/AIDS in the Asia Pacific, Bill Bowtell calls for both a doubling of global funding for the response to the HIV pandemic, and a radical overhaul of strategies that have not brought the global pandemic under control. He proposes that the international community must commit

Distinguished Speaker Series: Future trends in terrorism - Sageman, Coll, Benjamin presentations

On 23 October, as part of our Distinguished Speaker Series, the Lowy Institute for International Policy hosted a panel discussion with three of America's leading experts on terrorism, Marc Sageman, Steve Coll and Daniel Benjamin. They discussed future trends in global terrorism, providing unique

The killer catching a ride with HIV

In this op-ed appearing in the Sydney Morning Herald on 21 September 2006, Bill Bowtell warns that the recent emergence of extreme drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) also has ominous implications for the control and management of the HIV pandemic, especially in the Asia Pacific. XDR-TB poses a

Toronto: Talkfest or action plan?

The just-concluded Toronto AIDS Conference was held in the 25th anniversary year of the identification of the HIV virus.After many years of drift and chaos in the management of the response to HIV/AIDS, there were encouraging signs at Toronto of the emergence of a coherent and unified global

The second wave of HIV/AIDS

Australia has much to offer in the global campaign to contain HIV/AIDS, writes Bill Bowtell, and at the forefront of this campaign is the (perhaps unexpected) figure of Alexander Downer. Newmatilda.com, 5 July 2006

Avian influenza

On 7 November the Lowy Institute for International Policy and CARE Australia co-hosted a conference on the International Implications of Avian Influenza. Drawing on the expertise of Australians at senior levels in the government, business, academic, humanitarian and media sectors, the conference

Australia response to HIV-AIDS 1982-2005

This paper was presented by Bill Bowtell, a senior research associate at the Lowy Institute, at the 'Commemorative Symposium on the Fifth Anniversary of the Okinawa Summit: East Asian Regional Response to HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria' held in Tokyo on June 30, 2005. A revised version of the