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Thursday linkage: Eurozone, Olympics, Singapore, think tanks and more

the European Central Bank is pumping money into Greece so that Greece can repay...well, guess who? New Zealand\'s ambassador to Indonesia explains his embassy\'s Facebook strategy. (Thanks Danielle.) China is winning the Olympic medal tally, you say? Maybe, but if you count the EU as a single

Wednesday linkage: Copyright, nuclear tests, drones, the pivot and more

What on earth is our trade minister doing? Peter Martin looks at copyright in Australia\'s trade agreements. (Thanks Stephen.) The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists on the possibility of another North Korean nuclear test. The Guardian recently profiled a US academic making the moral case for drone

Tuesday linkage: India blackout, Pyongyang, South China Sea and more

A new ranking of the world\'s most cultured cities. The \'second unbundling\' of international trade: The Economist goes where Steve Grenville went back in June. China \'strongly opposes\' US statement on South China Sea. An architectural and cultural guide to Pyongyang, translated from

Friday linkage: White Papers, wealth, Jakarta, Air-Sea Battle and more

ASPI\'s Peter Jennings: \'Australia will have two white papers, released perhaps some six or nine months apart...they should agree on how to think about the region and Australia\'s place in it.\' Indonesia\'s human rights commission has released a groundbreaking study of the mid-1960s atrocities

Thursday linkage: Olympics, North Korea, Japan, Patrick Hitler and more

\'Very respectfully yours, Patrick Hitler\': An extraordinary letter from the Fuhrer\'s nephew to FDR, begging to be allowed to enlist in the US military. Near the bottom of this excellent post about the way China is viewing these Olympics, Evan Osnos describes the pressure Chinese

Wednesday linkage: China, Microsoft, Olympics, Iran, the pivot and more

The China Choice: an extract from Hugh White\'s new book, to be launched at the Lowy Institute next week. Some useful links on Syria\'s future. Tokyo says it\'s not quite sure who is in charge of China\'s military. (Thanks Malcolm.) Microsoft, \'a high-tech equivalent of a Detroit car-maker,

Monday linkage: Iran, Syria, Twitter, Olympics, Photoshop and more

Australia\'s top 100 journos and media people on Twitter. (Thanks Stephanie.) A new book by a senior Iranian insider about the diplomatic tug-of-war with the West over Iran\'s nuclear program. A short, well-sourced history of Syria\'s chemical weapons arsenal. Rory Medcalf in today\'s

Friday linkage: ASEAN, women in think tanks, Batman, climate and more

Ernie Bower from CSIS responds to Hugh White\'s piece on ASEAN. More on this next week. Female think tank leaders around the world. (Thanks Danielle.) HIV/AIDS: \'the turn to treatment over the past decade has been a tremendously amazing representation of global collective action and moral

Thursday linkage: Japan cities, peak oil, China, India nukes and more

Land of a million scrapped TVs: an insight into China\'s recycling industry. Japan\'s cities tend to be low-rise, by Western standards. But low rise means lower density, and that has economic and aesthetic costs. George Monbiot made a painful admission earlier this month: \'We were wrong

Monday linkage: ASEAN, asylum seekers, Jon Stewart and more

A deeper look at the recent ASEAN fiasco reveals what China wants: a weak and divided ASEAN. (Thanks Milton.) An infographic on the scale of Australia\'s asylum-seeker problem. (Thanks Danielle.) DFAT\'s first head-of-mission to join Twitter (if you don\'t count the temporary Vatican

Friday linkage: Churchill, ASEAN, eurozone, Africa and more

Indonesia is trying to clean up the mess left by last week\'s failed ASEAN meeting. You\'ve heard of stories about rows of unoccupied apartment blocks in China. Seems China is doing the same for Angola. Architectural modernism is often associated with progressive causes. But the Nazis had

Wednesday linkage: Singapore, Abbott in Washington, GW Bush and more

\'Good afternoon. Please rate our toilet\'. Another reason to admire Singapore. (H/t MR.) A transcript of Tony Abbott\'s speech to the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC. ASPI has joined the blogosphere: here\'s The Strategist. If you\'re in Sydney, get down to next Wednesday\'s Lowy

Monday linkage: Japan, food production, Syria, cars, Germany and more

The world is producing more food than ever, says the OECD. \'If people are hungry, it\'s because they can\'t afford to buy food, not that there is no food to buy.\' \'More Richard Burton than Peter Sellers\': Malcolm Farr defends Foreign Minister Bob Carr. Australia\'s \'world city\': did the

Friday linkage: Japan, Middle East, Nixon Doctrine, Canberra and more

Japan-ROK relations suffered a blow recently with the last-minute postponement of an intelligence sharing agreement. But joint naval exercises continue. New photos from the day the Fukushima nuclear plant was flooded. US Secretary of State Clinton\'s views about democracy and

Thursday linkage: JFK, Lese Majeste, iPad games and more

Anne-Marie Slaughter is getting all the attention for her \'Why women still can\'t have it all\' article in The Atlantic. But check out Caitlin Flanagan\'s Hitchens-esque tour de force on the Kennedys in the same issue. Worth it for the lead paragraph alone. If your interest is

Wednesday linkage: Gandhi, Roubini, North Korea, Egypt and more

Good news from Indonesia: Islamic boarding schools spreading messages of tolerance. (Thanks Simon.) Gandhi said the future of India lay in its villages. Wrong, says Boris Johnson. Roubini: the coming financial disaster of 2013. CSIS has a primer on US Secretary of State Clinton\'s

Thursday linkage: TED, commodities, Indonesia, FTAs, the Dutch and more

Spiegel on Switzerland\'s growing role as a commodities trading hub. Terrific blog describing the life of women in Saudi Arabia. With Doha stalled, China and India will pursue more bilateral and regional FTAs. These agreements must focus on deep integration beyond goods. The Lowy Institute

Wednesday linkage: Pakistan, ICC, Vietnam, electric cars and more

Ashley Tellis: Pakistan is facing a major strategic defeat in Afghanistan. The trading mentality: \'the trader who waits for strong evidence will have missed the profits. The academic wants to be right, the trader wants to be first.\' But what happens when traders enter politics? Youth

Tuesday linkage: Q&A, tennis, air conditioning, Twitter and more

Astonishing: \'Humans currently slaughter about 1,600 mammals and birds every second for food.\' Apparently Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella is copping it for not reacting quickly enough to the dramatic fainting episode on last night\'s Q&A. But it was really just a demonstration of the

Monday linkage: Emissions trading, failed states, Kissinger and more

On the day Australia\'s emissions trading scheme goes into effect, it\'s worth asking: what effect has Europe\'s ETS had on low carbon technology development? (H/t Free Exchange.) Indonesia\'s aviation boom: Outside China, Jakarta\'s main airport is the fastest growing in the Asia Pacific. (H/t

Thursday linkage: Drones, Gordon Brown, central banks and more

A bit late, but here\'s a link to the 2012 Failed States Index, released earlier this month. (Thanks Theo.) Entertaining account of Gordon Brown\'s first day as PM, five years ago: \'I did always wonder what any Treasury officials passing outside the room would have thought hearing Gordon

Wednesday linkage: Indonesia, aid polling, DPRK, black swans and more

\'Indonesia is essentially a make-believe nation. It was brought into notional existence in 1945 with a declaration of independence of unsurpassed vagueness.\' (H/t Sullivan.) UK public attitudes to aid and development. (Thanks Danielle.) A new study suggests food aid prolongs civil conflict. (H

Asian Century linkage: Thai censors, China in space, Asia haze and more

Southeast Asia\'s smoky haze is back. Whose fault is it? (Thanks Milton.) China-Japan: New public opinion survey suggests high levels of mutual mistrust. Mao\'s Great Leap Forward on film. Google is doing the bidding of government censors in Thailand. The Wall St Journal\'s Japan Real Time

Monday linkage: Obesity, Cuba, ediplomacy, foreign aid and more

From The Verge: \'Agence France-Presse (AFP) has released a new e-diplomacy tool that curates and maps tweets from heads of state and government, officials, thinkers, and activists.\' (Thanks Charles.) The Economist highlights a crime against charts. (Thanks Stephen.) The Cuban Missile Crisis,

Tuesday linkage: Rio summit, iPads, missile defence, the Shard and more

Rio summit to become more of a telethon-style event than a negotiation. Globalisation, illustrated: Via Club Troppo\'s comments thread, a neat infographic showing where iPads are made, and where the profits go. Are China\'s near seas capabilities aimed directly at the United States? \'The

Monday linkage: China, baseball, drones, nukes, immigration

\'Who is the world\'s largest leading economic power?\', The Pew Research Center asked people in 21 countries. In 11 countries, the majority thought it was China. (H/t GD.) A new academic blog examining political violence. (H/t Blattman.) Did you know that Australia\'s UNSC bid has its own

Thursday linkage: US-China, cyberwar, Peace Index, North Korea and more

Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow John Carlson recognised for his non-proliferation work in the Queen\'s Birthday honours. Anatol Lieven takes to the NY Times op-ed page to praise Hugh White\'s upcoming book on US-China relations. There\'s a population explosion underway in sub-Saharan

Tuesday linkage: Obama, sweat shops, Aceh, New Zealand, The Wire and more

Obama claims to have read Aquinas and St Augustine. Here\'s a fascinating examination of Obama\'s drone war in light of just-war theory. Various international relations scholars asked about their view of blogging. (Thanks Ben.) In defence of sweat shops. The Asia New Zealand Foundation has a

Monday linkage: Clinton, refugees, China, the US pivot and more

UN refugee chief Antonio Guterres says the current combination of humanitarian crises is the most disturbing he\'s seen since taking up the job. Ten things economists can tell us about human happiness. Statecraft as gardening: \'You get the weeds out when they are small. You also build

Friday linkage: Israel, Panetta, India, Estonia, conservatism and more

Thanks to political Islam, Iran\'s nuclear program and demographic trends, the Middle East power balance has been shifting away from Israel for 20 years. The first-ever ranking of the world\'s top young (under 50 years-old) universities. US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on the pivot:&

Tuesday linkage: North Korea, eurozone, Star Wars politics and more

From The Economist: \'Maybe some people imagined that the arrival of the web would launch an internet economy in which we all worked for internet companies producing internet. That\'s akin to a belief that the development of electricity should have given rise to an electricity era in which we all

Monday linkage: China, Krugman, Europe, urbanism and more

Unlike organisms, cities \'speed up rather than slow down as their size increases, speeding the flow of goods, people and ideas and accelerating the rate of innovation and economic growth.\' Taiwan is keeping an eye on China\'s construction of military airbases. (Thanks Malcolm.) This week\'s

Friday linkage: Eurovision, North Korea, Indonesia, PNG and more

\'Each capital city has its own serene group of ambassadors. And each serene group of ambassadors has its barnacles, people who attach themselves to the Corps and intend to stay firmly attached.\' (H/t Browser.) Has OPEC lost the power to lower the price of oil? (H/t Oil Drum.) North Korea

Wednesday links: Romney, microcredit, OECD, climate change and more

All Dan Drezner wants from Mitt Romney\'s foreign policy pronouncements is logic. (Thanks Fergus.) Carl Thayer on the Five-Power Defence Arrangement, now forty years old. \'Why China won\'t rule\', by Robert Skidelsky. Nice analysis of what happened in Copenhagen in 2009: \'IR scholars rarely

Asian Century linkage

A global opinion poll finds views of Europe sliding, China rising. (Thanks Malcolm.) The cancellation of the Jakarta Lady Gaga concert is the hook for this interview with academic Merle Ricklefs on the deepening influence of Islam in Javanese society. (Thanks Dave.) A

Thursday linkage

The communications revolution was meant to loosen our ties to the office, the car and even the city itself. But large cities have productivity advantages. (H/t Free Exchange.) The US could achieve energy independence in the next two decades. A useful and revealing graph of Australian

Monday linkage

The Economist on Vegemite and globalisation. Heh: Tyler Cowen notes that the entire German police force fired a total of 85 rounds in 2011. \'In some cases the United States police manage to best that number while firing at a single suspect.\' Colin Powell says he gets mad when people

Friday linkage

New Urbanism, a school of design and town planning that has transformed the way people think about city life, is 20 years old. ESPN\'s annual list of the world\'s highest-paying sports teams. What comes after the MDGs? To find out, the UN has appointed a panel co-chaired by David Cameron, Susilo

Thursday linkage

JP Morgan doesn\'t like where the global economy is headed. In the UK, monetary policy has become more transparent in recent years, with good results. Why have other parts of government not followed? Some countries are making citizenship a commodity. Are we winning or losing the battle

Wednesday linkage

Fareed Zakaria says the US has built 17 million square feet of office space to house its intelligence bureaucracies since 9/11. \'We don\'t look like people who have won a war. We look like scared, fearful, losers.\' Some institutions don\'t welcome the scrutiny of the blogosphere. Details

Monday linkage

Bill Clinton reviews a new LBJ biography: \'His flattery was minutely detailed, finely tuned and perfectly modulated.\' Jakarta has more malls than any other city on earth. Some are now going green. The Diplomat has a two-part interview with Australia\'s Washington ambassador, Kim

Our lost blogging opportunity

Blogger Dragonista has a slightly dyspeptic reply to my recent op-ed about blogs and Twitter. I argued that, although Australia has blogs, it doesn\'t really have a blogosphere. Twitter, I said, has captured the imagination of the Australian political class in a way blogging never has, and the

Friday linkage

The pivot in action? Obama hints at F-16 sale to Taiwan. (Thanks Malcolm.) The Atlantic asks, \'How strong is al Qaeda today?\' (Thanks Alex.) Infographic showing the way budget carriers have transformed European aviation. I would expect the same pattern in Asia, if the regulatory environment

Thursday linkage

Gillard Government bringing forward the Defence White Paper and foreshadowing cuts. Yesterday, regular Interpreter contributor Jim Molan argued in The Australian that the cuts were a big risk. Obama\'s Afghanistan announcement: his aim has always been to target al Qaeda, not rebuild

Wednesday linkage

In defence of European austerity: Gideon Rachman takes on Paul Krugman. From CNAS comes \'The China Challenge: Military, Economic and Energy Choices Facing the US-Japan Alliance\'. (Thanks Alex.) Russia has three fears about the Syria uprising: losing its arms market, losing its naval