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Asia Pacific Security

Koizumi legacy: Japan new politics

In a Lowy Institute Analysis, Dr Malcolm Cook evaluates Prime Minister Koizumi's legacy for Japanese politics and international policy. Koizumi has rebuilt the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, moved the Japanese political system significantly to the right and reprioritised Japan's international

H.E. Mr Ban Ki-moon address

On Monday 14 August, H.E. Mr Ban Ki-moon, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea, addressed the Lowy Institute as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series. Mr Ban is also a leading candidate to become the next Secretary-General of the United Nations. His speech covered

Japan: ripe for re-assessment

In this new Perspectives, Malcolm Cook, Program Director Asia & the Pacific at the Lowy Institute, and Huw McKay, Senior International Economist at Westpac, argue that the conventional wisdom on Japan is outdated. Japan is experiencing three powerful transformations that are well entrenched and

Taiwan identity challenge

Dr Malcolm Cook recently published an article entitled 'Taiwan's identity crisis' in John Hopkins University's SAIS Review. The article analyses the tensions between Taiwan's uniquely dependent geo-strategic position and its nation-building quest. Taiwan society is differentiating itself from

The new world

The Executive Director of the Lowy Institute, Allan Gyngell, gave a speech in Melbourne on 6 October 2005 to the Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He argues that globalisation is one of the principal drivers of change in the world, that is here to stay, that it is developing an

China and Australia

In this Viewpoint for TIME Magazine, Allan Gyngell, the Executive Director of the Institute, explores the implications for Australia of China's growing power. He concludes that our success in dealing with China will depend critically on US strategy towards its emerging Asian competitor and China's

Asia faces capital conundrum

Stephen Grenville, Visiting Fellow at the Lowy Institute, writes that there are serious global imbalances apart from the US current account deficit.Australian Financial Review, 21 March 2005, p. 25

Regional tensions awaken

Dr Alan Dupont, Senior Fellow at the Lowy Institute, argues that Australia must not overlook relations between China and Japan. Dr Dupont is the author of a recent Lowy Institute Paper entitled Unsheathing the Samurai Sword: Japan's Changing Security Policy.Australian Financial Review, 3 March

Poll result offers the chance for calm

Dr Malcolm Cook, Program Director, the Asia Pacific Region, comments on how Taiwan's weekend elections slowed Taiwan's momentum towards formal independence and could lead to a new cross-strait detente. The Australian 14 December 2004, p. 13

Taiwanese nationalism is on the march

Malcolm Cook and Craig Meer argue that political change in Taiwan is undermining the cross-strait status quo, meaning that all interested parties have to seriously ponder afresh new ways of avoiding a disastrous conflict.  This article was published in The Diplomat, June-July 2004, p. 14

And now for the good news

Allan Gyngell urges pessimists about the current international outlook to regain some historical perspective. In fact, the story coming out of Asia is very positive. Versions of this article were published in The Age, 28 April 2004 and the Sydney Morning Herald, 29 April 2004