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Asian approaches to peace and security: keynote address

The Australian Foreign Minister, the Hon. Alexander Downer MP, delivered the keynote address to the international conference "Asian Approaches to Peace and Security: the Role of the United Nations" on 2 September 2004 in Sydney.The address is available here

Democracy, dialogue, diplomacy

The Hon. Dr Alberto G. Romulo, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines, addressed the Lowy Institute for International Policy on 11 August 2005 as part of the Institute's Distinguished Speaker Series.Dr Romulo's address, entitled "Democracy, Dialogue, Diplomacy", is available here

New Voices 2006 Outcomes Report

On Thursday 25 May 2006 the Lowy Institute held its third annual New Voices conference on the subject of Technology and International Relations. The conference outcomes report can be downloaded here

The schizophrenic superpower

Dr Alan Dupont has published an article entitled The Schizophrenic Superpower in the journal The National Interest. When Robert Kagan famously wrote that, in their approach to power and security, Americans are from Mars and Europeans from Venus, what might he have said about Japan? In most

Lowy Institute Review

We are pleased to release the Lowy Institute's first Review. It is a comprehensive account of the last 14 months at the Institute, a period in which we hosted over 100 events and produced 29 publications. Throughout the course of the year, the guests we welcomed were as diverse as the subjects we

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Dr Simon Haines presentation

In an address to the Lowy Institute on 7 June in the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy series, Dr Simon Haines showed how great works of literature can throw light on contemporary problems.He used the example of Milton’s portrayal of Satan in Paradise Lost to examine an extremist, terrorist pathology of an

When reality no longer matches rhetoric

In the featured op-ed in the June 6th issue of the Financial Times, Dr Michael Fullilove of the Lowy Institute argues that President Bush has badly overwritten his foreign policy. In the first term, Mr Bush’s sweeping rhetoric exaggerated the defects of his policies. During his second term the

US proposal for nuclear talks with Iran

In an opinion piece published on 2 June in The Sydney Morning Herald, Anthony Bubalo and Michael Fullilove examine the implications of Washington's surprise offer to negotiate with Tehran over the nuclear issue.Sydney Morning Herald, 2 June 2006, p. 13

East Timor

Hugh White writes in the Sydney Morning Herald on the problems in East Timor and Australia's response to them. Sydney Morning Herald, 30 May 2006, p. 11

Fuelling confrontation: Iran, the US and the oil weapon

In this new Lowy Institute Analysis, Anthony Bubalo, Michael Fullilove and Mark Thirlwell explore the prospect and implications of Iran's using oil as a weapon in its current confrontation with the international community over the nuclear issue

Why Denmark?

Professor Hans-Henrik Holm addressed the Thursday Lunch at Lowy on the topic of the Danish cartoon media controversy, which occurred when the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten published 12 cartoons of the prophet Muhammad on September 30 2005.Hans-Henrik Holm is Professor of International Relations at

The high price of feeding the hungry dragon

In a Comment piece for the Financial Times, Mark Thirlwell looks at how China's appetite for resources is reshaping bilateral ties with a range of commodity exporters. Using Australia as an example, he argues that while feeding the hungry dragon is proving to be an economically rewarding experience

Noodle soup

In an article in the current edition of The Diplomat, Mark Thirlwell reviews some of the causes and possible consequences of the spread of preferential trade deals to East Asia. The Diplomat, Vol. 5 no. 1, April/May 2006, pp. 37-38

Global shift

On 19 April Mark Thirlwell spoke at the NSW branch of the Australian Institute for International Affairs. The subject of his talk was ‘Global shift: how China and India are reshaping the world economy’. A copy of his presentation is available for download

Expats are not ingrates but fellow citizens

In this opinion piece in The Age, Dr Michael Fullilove argues that the Government has got its rhetoric right on the Australian diaspora. Now it should press ahead and announce a policy.The Age, 19 April 2006, p. 15

The paramount power

In a Lowy Institute Paper entitled The Paramount Power: China and the Countries of Southeast Asia, Dr Milton Osborne examines how China's relations with Southeast Asia have dramatically changed for the better in the last ten years

Sorting out the spaghetti

In a lunchtime meeting held at the Lowy Institute on 30 March, Professor David Vines from Oxford University discussed the damage inflicted on the international trading system by the spread of discriminatory trade agreements and outlined some policies designed to ameliorate the problem. A copy of

Speech impediment

In this essay in the April-May edition of The Diplomat, Dr Michael Fullilove argues that Australian foreign policy speeches are duller than they need be. The essay draws on a longer Perspective entitled ‘Speeches and foreign policy

Autonomy a better deal for Papuans

Australia should support the middle ground or risk making the brutality worse, writes Hugh White in this opinion piece. Sydney Morning Herald, 11 April 2006, p. 11 The Age, 11 April 2006, p. 15

Angst without frontiers

Mark Thirlwell explains how the proponents of globalisation are now baulking at the competition from China and India that their philosophy has inspired. A version of this article appeared in the Australian Financial Review, 10 April 2006, p. 21

Democratisation dilemmas in the Middle East

Islamist election victories in Iraq, Egypt and the Palestinian territories have intensified the controversy over whether Washington's democratisation push in the Middle East is transforming the region for the better or simply empowering America's enemies. On 15th March 2006 at Wednesday Lunch at

Regional Australia China boom

In this opinion piece, Malcolm Cook, the Institute’s program director for Asia and the Pacific, looks at how regional Australia is the greatest beneficiary of closer commercial ties with China. China plays larger in Perth, Brisbane and Darwin than in the Sydney-Canberra Melbourne triangle.The

RAMSI and state-building in Solomon Islands

Dr Michael Fullilove has an article in the Autumn edition of Defender, entitled ‘RAMSI and State-building in Solomon Islands’. The article draws on his recent Analysis, 'The Testament of Solomons: RAMSI and International State-building.' Defender, Vol. 23(1), Autumn 2006, pp 31-35

A changing dynamic in the region

In a preview to his upcoming Lowy Institute Paper, Milton Osborne, a visiting fellow at the Institute, argues in an opinion piece published in the Australian that China is now the paramount power in Southeast Asia.The Australian, 3 April 2006, p. 8

Israel double disengagement

In an opinion piece published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Anthony Bubalo explores the implications of the Israeli election result.Sydney Morning Herald, 30 March 2006, p. 13

A case for reform

The international economic architecture is overdue for renovation. Product of a simpler, post-war world, it faces the challenge of adapting to a new century characterised by emerging middle-class economies, new regional alliances, and crumbling ruins in once great superpowers. Stephen Grenville

Strategy sound so far: now to finish shaping a nation

This opinion piece by Dr Michael Fullilove examines the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) in the lead-up to a national election in the Solomons on 5 April. The article draws on Dr Fullilove’s new Lowy Institute Analysis, The Testament of Solomons: RAMSI and

It not necessary to go all the way with the USA

In this opinion piece, an edited version of which appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on 9 March, Anthony Bubalo welcomes the elevation of the Middle East in the Australian government's strategic priorities, but argues this will require some deeper and innovative thinking on Australia's ties to

The testament of Solomons: RAMSI and international state-building

The unrest in Honiara of 18-19 April underlines the fragility of Solomon Islands as well as the sheer difficulty of rebuilding weak states. The background to and key features of the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) were set out in this March 2006 Analysis by Dr

India, now well worth the journey

In this opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review, Mark Thirlwell writes that Australia has good reasons to seek closer ties with India.Australian Financial Review, 2 March 2006, p. 63

China current account and personal freedom

Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Stephen Grenville argues that unpegging the yuan must be a measured process. A version of this opinion piece was published in the Australian Financial Review as: China right to capitalise on caution.Australian Financial Review, 23 February 2006, p. 63