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After Doha: I. The search for Plan B

In a Lowy Institute Analysis, Mark Thirlwell argues that while the suspension of negotiations in late July may or may not mark the end of the Doha Round, it will almost certainly mark a watershed for the international trading system. 

The killer catching a ride with HIV

In this op-ed appearing in the Sydney Morning Herald on 21 September 2006, Bill Bowtell warns that the recent emergence of extreme drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) also has ominous implications for the control and management of the HIV pandemic, especially in the Asia Pacific. XDR-TB poses a

Koizumi rewrote the rulers' rule book

In an opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review, Dr Malcolm Cook of the Lowy Institute argues that the Japanese political system has been remoulded under the leadership of retiring Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi. Koizumi's legacy is a revitalised ruling party, a more conservative leaning

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Dr Andrew Charlton presentation

At the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy on 13 September, Dr Andrew Charlton talked about a radical new plan to break the deadlock in the Doha Round and create a trading system that does more for global poverty reduction. The plan is the centrepiece of his book, Fair Trade for All, which he co-authored with

Letter to the editor

In this letter to the Editor of The Australian, Dr Michael Fullilove replies to a recent op-ed which defended the Australian Government's inconsistent approach to the death penalty. The Australian, 13 September 2005, p. 15

Closer ties mean sharing our icons

In this opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Stephen Grenville argues the case for a common Australian-New Zealand currency. Australian Financial Review, 11 September 2006, p. 20

Canada and Australia: building on the ties that bind us

The Honourable Gordon J. O’Connor, PC, MP, Canada's Minister of National Defence, spoke at the Lowy Institute on 8 September as part of the Institute's Distinguished Speaker Series.Canada and Australia are two nations which enjoy a shared heritage, common interests and a long history of external

Roaring tiger or lumbering elephant?

After years of economic underperformance, the Indian economic model has been transformed, and with it, India's growth performance. So much so that the last two years have brought both a widespread rethink on India’s prospects and a wave of foreign portfolio investment. 

Wednesday Lowy Lunch: Where to now on Iran?

On 30th August at Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, Research Fellow Anthony Bubalo explored the likely trajectory of the international community's on-going dispute with Iran over its nuclear program, following Tehran's refusal to accept calls for a suspension of its uranium enrichment activities

Toronto: Talkfest or action plan?

The just-concluded Toronto AIDS Conference was held in the 25th anniversary year of the identification of the HIV virus.After many years of drift and chaos in the management of the response to HIV/AIDS, there were encouraging signs at Toronto of the emergence of a coherent and unified global

China starts to pull its weight at the UN

In an op-ed in The International Herald Tribune, Dr Michael Fullilove of the Lowy Institute argues that China's assertiveness at the UN is following the same growth curve as its economic performance and military capacity. It has stepped up in New York just as the United States has stepped down. Now

Is a "New Middle East" possible?

In a speech on 23 August 2006 co-hosted jointly by the Lowy Institute and the University of Sydney, Lowy Institute Board Member, Ambassador Martin Indyk, addressed the current turmoil in the Middle East and, in particular, what this meant for the United States goal of re-shaping and democratising

A proposal to curb Asia over-active death row

In this Comment piece in the Financial Times, Dr Michael Fullilove of the Lowy Institute observes that although the Western press gives the impression that most executions occur in the American boondocks, in fact Asia is world's best practice at executing people. He argues for the establishment of a

Koizumi legacy: Japan new politics

In a Lowy Institute Analysis, Dr Malcolm Cook evaluates Prime Minister Koizumi's legacy for Japanese politics and international policy. Koizumi has rebuilt the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, moved the Japanese political system significantly to the right and reprioritised Japan's international

Australia should take a moral lead

Dr Michael Fullilove argues in this opinion piece in the Saturday Age of 19 August that Australia should oppose the scheduled executions of the Bali bombers and all other instances of capital punishment. He suggests that Australian political leaders ought to speak consistently on the issue and that

H.E. Mr Ban Ki-moon address

On Monday 14 August, H.E. Mr Ban Ki-moon, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea, addressed the Lowy Institute as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series. Mr Ban is also a leading candidate to become the next Secretary-General of the United Nations. His speech covered

Time to move on in the defence policy debate

The paradigm of strategic geography gained prominence in Australian defence policy in the 1987 Defence White Paper 'The Defence of Australia'. Time and evolving strategic circumstance has made this paradigm increasingly irrelevant to Australia's defence. Recent Government defence policy, operational

Australia needs a consistent voice to end death penalty

Dr Michael Fullilove published an opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald on 9 August arguing that Australia should initiate a regional coalition against the death penalty. The op-ed draws on his new Policy Brief, Capital punishment and Australian foreign policy

Capital punishment and Australian foreign policy

In this Policy Brief, Dr Michael Fullilove examines how the Australian Government implements its stated opposition to the death penalty. He finds that while Australia is an effective advocate for Australian nationals on death row, we do less than we could in relation to universal abolition. 

Lecture by the Opposition Leader, the Hon. Kim Beazley, MP

On 10 August 2006 the Opposition Leader, the Hon. Kim Beazley, MP, delivered a major lecture on Australia's international policy. Entitled 'From Iraq to the Inner Arc: An Australian national security policy for the Australian national interest', the lecture laid out Labor's approach to national

Doha closes, another opens - op-ed by Mark Thirlwell

What do the latest stalemate in world trade negotiations and a dead parrot have in common? In this opinion piece Mark Thirlwell writes that the increasingly desperate attempts to claim that there remains at least some life in the Doha Round are becoming eerily reminiscent of a Monty Python sketch.

Why this new fighter jet is worth the gamble

In this opinion piece, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Hugh White argues that for all its problems, the Joint Strike Fighter will uphold our military status in the region. The Age, 18 July 2006, p. 11 This opinion piece was also published in the Sydney Morning Herald, 19 July 2006, p. 11

Israel pursuit of Hizballah - opinion piece

In an opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald of 18 July, Anthony Bubalo, Research Fellow at the Lowy Institute, argues that Israel is pursuing a two-pronged strategy against Hizballah in Lebanon.Sydney Morning Herald, 18 July 2006, p. 11

Diaspora: The World Wide Web of Australians

In this Lowy Institute Paper, Dr Michael Fullilove argues that national diasporas are like ‘“world wide webs”’, with dense, interlocking strands spanning the globe and binding different individuals, institutions and countries together. The Paper follows those strands and describes the webs

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Leigh Sales presentation

The detention centre at Guantanamo Bay is leading the news at the moment. Last month the US Supreme Court handed down what the Wall Street Journal called a withering opinion, striking down the military tribunals before which the Bush Administration had planned to try the Guantanamo detainees.

The second wave of HIV/AIDS

Australia has much to offer in the global campaign to contain HIV/AIDS, writes Bill Bowtell, and at the forefront of this campaign is the (perhaps unexpected) figure of Alexander Downer., 5 July 2006

NZ tests a capital idea

In this opinion piece, Stephen Grenville looks at one of globalisation's unresolved policy challenges. Australian Financial Review, 3 July 2006, p. 24

IMF needs the Group of 20

In this opinion piece, Stephen Grenville examines the role of the International Monetary Fund and the need for its reform. Australian Financial Review, 26 June 2006, p. 24

Just who afraid of China?

In this opinion piece, Hugh White writes that the United States risks too much in portraying China as a threat to the rest of Asia. The Age, 21 June 2006, p. 15