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Between intensive care and the crematorium

In October 2006, Mark Thirlwell presented a paper at a dialogue on 'WTO at crossroads? Experiences and expectations around the Doha Agenda'. The dialogue was held in Singapore and conducted by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Office and the WTO Secretariat. The meeting brought together some 40

Interests, not identity

In the May edition of the Australian Book Review, the Executive Director of the Lowy Institute, Allan Gyngell, reviews 'The Howard Paradox', a new book by Professor Michael Wesley examining the Howard government's policies towards Asia. Australian Book Review, May 2007

Uranium for India: avoiding the pitfalls

Ron Walker, a former Australian Permanent Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency, warns that selling uranium to India without the same legal obligations and non-proliferation standards that apply to our other customers could undermine our broader foreign policy interests and weaken

Hardly a war to end war

The Lowy Institute's Program Director for International Security, Rory Medcalf, looks at how the Iraq conflict might affect Western countries' future decisions on the use of force. He argues that this impact will be less straightforward than the war's magnitude as a US strategic error might suggest

The European Union and China

In this Lowy Institute Analysis, Roberto Menotti of the Aspen Institute Italia examines the European Union's policy responses to the rise of China. The EU is a newcomer to East Asian affairs, but its stake in the region is growing rapidly in light of China's economic clout. 

There is no need to change HIV-risk immigration policy

In this article in The Australian, Bill Bowtell argues that there is no need to change Australia's present HIV immigration laws, and the flexible and tolerant way they have been applied to allow the immigration of some people with HIV. The Australian, 21 April 2007, Health section, p. 21

IMF needs much more than a nip and tuck

In this opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review, Stephen Grenville argues that the International Monetary Fund is still a long way from being reformed. Australian Financial Review, 23 April 2007, p. 27

Uranium thorn

This opinion piece by Rory Medcalf in the Times of India is a version of an article previously published in the Australian Financial Review. It argues that Australia should try to reconcile its uranium and non-proliferation policies with India's rise.Times of India, 20 April 2007

The road to Tehran

In this opinion piece published in The Age, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Hugh White writes that the next president may need to emulate Richard Nixon to find an exit strategy from Iraq. The Age, 12 April 2007, p. 15

Dealing with a Democratic Indonesia

In a new Lowy Institute Perspective entitled Dealing with a democratic Indonesia: the Yudhoyono Years, Ken Ward analyses how democratisation is changing Indonesia's political system, what challenges are facing democratic consolidation and how Canberra should respond. Ken is one of Australia's best

Costanza Doctrine Q&A

Dr Michael Fullilove participated in an online Q&A session on his Financial Times op-ed on the Costanza Doctrine. Readers' questions and Dr Fullilove's answers are available at or can be downloaded here.The original opinion piece was published on 29 March 2007

The one about two Georges

In this opinion piece, Michael Fullilove writes that America's Iraq policy has no global precedent, but that we can find one in the world of comedy.The Age, 5 April 2007, p. 11

Uranium and India: keep options open

Rory Medcalf, Program Director, International Security, writes in this opinion piece that Australia should try to reconcile its uranium and non-proliferation policies with India's rise.Australian Financial Review, 4 April 2007

Beyond Zimbabwe

In this opinion piece, the Institute's Mark O'Neill says that Africa deserves more from Australia than just responses to crisis. He argues that Africa warrants greater policy attention from Australia. This piece was published in today’s West Australian. The West Australian, 30 March 2007, p.

Seinfeld and the Iraq war

Dr Michael Fullilove published an op-ed in The Financial Times on 30 March 2007 arguing that only Seinfeld can fully explain the US's invasion of Iraq. The article is available below. Dr Fullilove also participated in an online Q&A session on Readers' questions and Dr Fullilove's answers

Defence faces a deficit deeper than our pockets

In this opinion piece, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Hugh White examines the Defence budget and the decision to spend $6 billion on 24 F-18F Super Hornet aircraft. Sydney Morning Herald, 29 March 2007, p. 13 and The Age, 20 March 2007, p. 19

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Daoud Yaqub presentation

On 28 March at the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, Daoud Yaqub spoke on the topic: 'A long hot summer ahead for Afghanistan'. He discussed the looming spring offensive by the Taliban, including its implications for the reconstruction and security effort in Afghanistan, and what the international community

Loose use of liquidity just confuses the issue

In this opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Stephen Grenville argues that the concept of international liquidity is frequently used loosely, and in too many different ways, to be analytically useful. Australian Financial Review, 26 March 2007, p. 23

Success may bring dangers of its own

In this opinion piece in The Australian, Anthony Bubalo, Program Director for West Asia, writes that signs of an easing in the Iraq security situation raise questions about what would happen if the surge in US troops was a success.The Australian, 20 March 2007, p. 12

Howard brings home the goods from Japan trip

In an opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review, Malcolm Cook, Program Director, Asia Pacific, writes that improved trade should follow Australia's new security pact with Japan. Australian Financial Review, 16 March 2007, p. 83

The changing Asia-Pacific security web

In this opinion piece in The Age, Rory Medcalf, Program Director for International Security, writes on the wider regional significance of the new Japan-Australia Joint Declaration on Security Co-operation. He argues that there are ways in which closer Australia-Japan security dialogue might end up

A Long Hot Summer

In this Lowy Institute Policy Brief, William Maley and Daoud Yaqub explore the implications of the looming Taliban Spring offensive on the international reconstruction and security effort in Afghanistan

Another accountability moment

In this opinion piece, which appeared in The Australian on Monday 12 March 2007, Dr Michael Fullilove argues that unlike their more scrupulous American counterparts, Australian supporters of the Iraq war have not held themselves to account.The Australian, 12 March 2007, p. 8

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Bill Bowtell presentation

At the Wednesday Lowy Lunch on 7 March 2007, Bill Bowtell, the Director of the Institute’s HIV/AIDS Project, explained how and why the HIV/AIDS pandemic developed, the severe regional consequences and costs if it is not checked, and the need to rethink current international HIV/AIDS strategies

UN bashing

Dr Michael Fullilove reviews a new book on the UN and Iraq in the March 2007 edition of the Australian Book Review. The book in question is David M. Malone, The International Struggle over Iraq: Politics in the UN Security Council 1980-2005 (OUP, 2006).Australian Book Review, No. 289, March 2007

A road Australia has travelled already

Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Hugh White argues in this opinion piece that nuclear weapons cease to be an improbability if Australia decides to enrich its uranium. Sydney Morning Herald, 1 March 2007, p. 17The Age, 1 March 2007, p. 19

India in East Asia

Professor Raja Mohan, Strategic Affairs Editor of the Indian Express, and one of India's most influential commentators on India's foreign and strategic policy, delivered the inaugural Australia-India Strategic Lecture on the subject of India and East Asia in Melbourne on 21 February

Gordon world

Gordon Brown recently succeeded Tony Blair as prime minister of Great Britain. Several months ago the Lowy Institute hosted a leading British commentator speaking on the likely shape of British foreign policy under Gordon Brown's leadership.On Friday 16 February Tom Bentley spoke to the Lowy Lunch

Reinventing 'West Asia'

In conjunction with the launch of the Lowy Institute's West Asia program, Anthony Bubalo, Director of the new program, argues why the Middle East and South Asia increasingly comprise one strategically coherent region, 'West Asia', and explores the policy significance of this for Australia

HIV/AIDS: The looming Asia Pacific pandemic

In a Policy Brief on HIV/AIDS in the Asia Pacific, Bill Bowtell calls for both a doubling of global funding for the response to the HIV pandemic, and a radical overhaul of strategies that have not brought the global pandemic under control. He proposes that the international community must commit

Engaging Iran is risky, but confrontation is even riskier

In an op-ed in the Sydney Morning Herald, Lowy Institute Research Fellow Anthony Bubalo examines the implications of Washington's nuclear deal with Pyongyang for its efforts to deal with Iran's nuclear program and argues that the time is right for the US to start talking to Tehran as well.Sydney

Thailand shows wisdom in restraining the herd

In this opinion piece, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Stephen Grenville argues that it is time to revise and apply an important lesson from the 1997 Asian crisis. Australian Financial Review, 12 February 2007, p. 22

Heavy artillery trained on PM

Dr Michael Fullilove comments on the disagreement between Prime Minister John Howard and Senator Barack Obama in this op-ed in The Australian Financial Review on 13 February 2007. Dr Fullilove argues there are two troubling developments. First, the tenor of the Prime Minister's intervention will

Scorched earth an insecure place

Lowy Institute Non-resident Senior Fellow, Professor Alan Dupont, writes on the new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. He is the author, with Dr Graeme Pearman, of a Lowy Institute Paper entitled 'Heating up the planet: climate change and security