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How Obama divides - and conquers

In an online article on The Daily Beast, Dr Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues, writes that in his foreign policy so far, President Barack Obama has succeeded in confusing his enemies.The Daily Beast, 16 May 2009

The role of the civil nuclear industry in preventing proliferation

Lowy Institute Deputy Director Martine Letts and Research Associate Fiona Cunningham prepared a paper for the Second Meeting of the International Commission on Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament in Washington, DC, 13-15 February 2009, entitled 'The role of the civil nuclear industry in

Why Obama should speak in Indonesia

In an article in The Diplomat magazine, Dr Michael Fullilove identifies the ideal location for a defining presidential address. The article is adapted from an op-ed published in the New York Times.The Diplomat, May/June 2009, p. 19

Relief for Canberra aid headache

In an opinion piece in The Sydney Morning Herald, Lowy Institute Research Fellow Fergus Hanson examines the possible benefits to Australia and the Pacific of the Taiwan government's new white paper on aid.Sydney Morning Herald, 15 May 2009, p. 11

Australia bulks up

In an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal Asia, Lowy Institute Senior Research Fellow Andrew Shearer comments on the Rudd government's recent Defence White Paper and the Obama administration's cuts to the US defence budget. While welcoming plans for a bigger and more capable ADF he expresses

Power balances in Asia: The Coalition perspective

On Friday 1 May 2009, in his first major foreign policy speech as Opposition Leader and first address to the Lowy Institute, Malcolm Turnbull discussed the challenges and priorities in managing sensibly Australia's vital relationships across the region

Our China question: friend or foe?

In this opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald, International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf considers how Australia's imminent Defence White Paper might be received in Beijing. He notes that Australia is broadly right to strengthen its defences for an uncertain future, but suggests some

The deadbeat of international aid

Director of the Lowy Institute's HIV/AIDS project, Bill Bowtell, argues that Australia and other western nations spend too little on overseas development assistance, with serious consequences for disease control in developing nations and the risk of global pandemics.The Sydney Morning Herald, 28

Don't blame China for the economic downturn

Lowy Institute visiting fellow Stephen Grenville argues that the international financial system should link nations seeking investment with those which have accumulated savings, to provide a buffer against future global financial crises. Australian Financial Review, 27 April 2009, p. 20

Winds of change demand hard debate

In this opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review on 28 April 2009, Lowy Institute visiting fellow Hugh White discusses China's economic rise and its implications for Australian defence policy.Australian Financial Review, 28 April 2009, p. 63

The long rise of China in Australian defence strategy

Media reports and Hugh White's recent Lowy Institute Paper have ignited debate about the extent to which China's rapid military modernisation should shape the government's long-awaited Defence White Paper.In this Perspective, former Secretary of Defence Ric Smith charts the place of China in

China help may harm Fiji

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Fergus Hanson and Jenny Hayward-Jones argue that Beijing (along with other countries) should consider redirecting its aid to Fiji through international financial institutions. The Australian, 23 April 2009, p. 12

More Pollyanna than power

Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues, reviews 'Great powers: America and the world after Bush', by Thomas P. Barnett, in the Sydney Morning Herald's Spectrum section. Sydney Morning Herald, 18 April 2009, Spectrum p. 31First published in the Washington Post, 8 March 2009

Fiji crisis requires urgent response

In an opinion piece in The Sydney Morning Herald, Jenny Hayward-Jones, Director of The Myer Foundation Melanesia Program at the Lowy Institute, argues for a prompt response by the Australian government to the crisis in Fiji. Sydney Morning Herald, 18 April 2009, p. 11 

Need for decisive action on Fiji

In an opinion piece in the Canberra Times, Jenny Hayward-Jones, Director of The Myer Foundation Melanesia Program at the Lowy Institute, argues for Australia to act quickly in its response to Fiji's economic crisis. Canberra Times, 17 April 2009, p. 13

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy: A Focused Force - Hugh White presentation

At the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy on 15 April, Visiting Fellow Hugh White spoke at the launch of his new Lowy Institute Paper, 'A Focused Force: Australia's defence priorities in the Asian century', in which he argues for Australia to abandon the 'Balanced Force' concept and refocus its defence efforts

Fiji: the flailing state

The abrogation of Fiji's constitution could precipitate an economic collapse in Fiji, jeopardising regional stability and Australia's interests

Bracing for the Asian century

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Hugh White argues that Australia's defence needs must be assessed in the light of the shifting global balance of power and particularly China's ascendancy.This is a summary of a Lowy Institute Paper, A Focused Force: Australia's

The responsibility to protect

In the March 2009 edition of the Australian Book Review, the Executive Director of the Lowy Institute, Allan Gyngell, reviews The Responsibility to Protect: End Mass Atrocity Crimes Once and for All, a new book by Gareth Evans. The book is an account of the emergence of a new international norm –

What the G-20 wants back

Lowy Institute Director of Studies, Andrew Shearer and Program Director International Economy, Mark Thirlwell contributed to an online forum of The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and The Managing Global Insecurity project out of The Brookings Institution on the topic, 'What the G-20 wants back

If things are that bad, nationalise the banks

In an opinion piece in The Australian Financial Review, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Stephen Grenville argues that the US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is sucking on a lemon with his toxic assets plan. Australian Financial Review, 30 March 2009, p. 20

Unaccustomed as we are …

In the lead-up to Australia Day, Dr Michael Fullilove recalls some insightful speeches given on the subject of Australian history and culture. Dr Fullilove is program director for global issues at the Lowy Institute and the editor of 'Men and Women of Australia!' Our Greatest Modern Speeches (2005

The grouse of representatives

Lowy Institute Research Associate Alex Duchen writes in The Canberra Times on the expectations placed on Australia's consular services by Australian travellers overseas.Canberra Times, 26 March 2009, p. 21

Australia and Indonesia: Partners in a New Era

Last month, the Australian government, in cooperation with the Lowy Institute, held a major conference in Sydney on the future of Australia-Indonesia relations. The conference drew to Australia one of the largest and most senior delegations ever from Indonesia. Discussion and debate over the two

Australia strategic analysis capabilities

In this article in the journal Security Challenges, International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf examines Australia's strategic analysis capabilities, both within and beyond the formal intelligence community. He presents a case for open-source strategic assessments to be presented in the

Refining the G-20 agenda

The G-20 Leaders will meet in London in April, faced by the most serious economic downturn for seventy years. The London agenda bears two heavy burdens

Blue Ribbon Panel Report launch

The Lowy Institute Blue Ribbon Panel Report, 'Australia’s diplomatic deficit: reinvesting in our instruments of international policy', is the first major public review of Australia’s diplomatic network in over 20 years. Here, members of the Panel speak at the launch of the report on Wednesday

Rudd erodes diplomacy

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Lowy Institute Executive Director Allan Gyngell argues for more investment in the instruments of Australia's international policy. The Australian, 18 March 2009, p. 14

Australia Diplomatic Deficit

Australia's Diplomatic Deficit is the report of a Blue Ribbon Panel convened by the Lowy Institute to examine Australia's overseas network – the first public review in over 20 years. The report argues that Australia's diplomatic network is seriously overstretched and hollowed out and recommends a

Send the envoy: Obama diplomatic posse

An article by Dr Michael Fullilove on President Barack Obama's use of special envoys was published by Foreign Affairs magazine on 17 March 2009:      

Paul Keating speech

On 5 March 2009, the Lowy Institute hosted a roundtable discussion in the run-up to the G-20 meeting of world leaders to be held in London on 2 April this year. The roundtable was supported by the British High Commission in Canberra and was part of the British Government's efforts to reach out to

International security in 2008: The year in review

In this lecture to the NSW Royal United Services Institute, International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf identifies some major events and trends of 2008 - from the Russia-Georgia war to Somali piracy and the global financial crisis – in the light of their long-term implications for global

Economic crisis and political conflict

On Thursday 26 February, Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman delivered the Lowy Institute's third annual Canberra Lecture. The Canberra Lecture recognises those individuals who, in their professional careers, have been able to bridge the worlds of academe and international policymaking. The 2008