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As China rises, we must look beyond the U.S. alliance

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Hugh White argues that, as China grows, a new order can be built in Asia that accommodates its power peacefully and preserves a vital role for America, including a strong US-Australia alliance.The Australian, 13 September 2010, p

2025: looking in the crystal ball

Mark Thirlwell, Program Director International Economy, published an article in The Canberra Times on the complexities of economic forecasting. The article is based on a longer paper in the Lowy Institute's Perspectives series, 'Our consensus future: the lay of the land in 2025'.Canberra Times, 11

International broadcasting and its contribution to public diplomacy

International broadcasting is one of the principal means of presenting a country’s perspective, views and values to foreign publics and their leaders, and a fundamental component of a nation’s public diplomacy. This study surveyed the international broadcasting operations of ten major

Australian foreign policy post-election

What sort of world will a new Australian government be dealing with, and how is it likely to approach it? Deputy Director Martine Letts, Director of Studies Andrew Shearer, International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf and Myer Foundation Melanesia Program Director Jenny Hayward-Jones briefed

Decisions and destinies: Asian security in 2010

In the Lowy Institute’s third Asia security 'Strategic Snapshot', Program Director for International Security Rory Medcalf assesses how recent security choices in Asia – especially at sea – could have long-term consequences for peace or conflict. Looking at recent events in light of Power and

Subtlety would help India rival China clout

In an opinion piece in The Australian, International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf argues that New Delhi must be assertive without provoking Beijing.An earlier version of this article was published in The Wall Street Journal on 3 September 2010.The Australian, 7 September 2010, p. 12

A relationship in need of a rethink

In an opinion piece in The Sydney Morning Herald, Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Wesley writes that there is one Asian country whose rise will change our world dramatically: Indonesia. Sydney Morning Herald, 4 September 2010, p. 9

Has no one looked at the Green party’s policies?

Director of Studies Andrew Shearer writes in The Spectator that although we do not know who has won the federal election, the Greens have emerged as a force in Australian politics, but their national security agenda would leave Australia vulnerable.The Spectator, 3 September 2010

India must master the great game

India needs to stay cool in the face of diplomatic and security provocations by China, argues International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf in this opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal. Through development, deterrence and diplomacy New Delhi can be prepared for looming rivalry.The Wall

Australia regional reach

Director of Studies Andrew Shearer told the International Relations and Security Network, in an interview on 1 September, that the Australian government will have its hands full managing the structural changes that bring countries like China and India to the forefront of global politics and make

Knowing me, knowing you

In this piece for the International Relations and Security Network, Fergus Hanson discusses the challenges Australia confronts in building close ties with its most important neighbour, Indonesia.The article in available online here

America grand strategy in Asia: what would Mahan do?

In the Lowy Institute’s latest Asia security ‘Strategic Snapshot’, distinguished American Asia scholar and former senior White House official Dr Michael J. Green examines Asia’s changing power dynamics and asks what grand strategy 19th century geo-strategist Alfred Thayer Mahan, the father

Our consensus future: the lay of the land in 2025

Despite repeated evidence of failure to forecast, there is a surprisingly strong consensus regarding the most likely future shape of the world economy. This paper describes this ‘consensus future’ and reviews some of the key building blocks, sketching out a possible picture of the world economy

U.S. could strain links with Jakarta

Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Wesley writes in this commentary on the importance of Indonesia in regional dynamics and the Australia-US relationship.The Australian, 25 August 2010, p. 8

Quiet on the foreign policy front

Fergus Hanson, Research Fellow and Director of the Lowy Poll project, in an article for the International Relations and Security Network (ISN) Security Watch, writes that a lively election campaign has barely touched upon Australia's increasingly important and complex foreign relations.ISN Security

Coral Sea neighbours - then and now

In this latest article on Pacific strategic issues, Army Visiting Fellow Nick Floyd argues that on the eve of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Australia and New Caledonia, it is timely to consider the continuing strategic relevance of this near neighbour to Australia.The article

Into the Dragon’s den

While Chinese foreign investment into Australia has been the subject of a great deal of controversy, investment flows moving in the other direction have received much less attention. In a new Lowy Institute Analysis, John Larum reviews Australian foreign direct investment into China and discusses

No helicopter drops of cash from the Fed

In an Economic Briefing in The Australian Financial Review, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Stephen Grenville writes that quantitative easing in the United States might have reached its useful limit.Australian Financial Review, 16 August 2010, p. 23

Cheonan choices

The Lowy Institute’s MacArthur Foundation Asia Security Project is releasing a new publication series, ‘Strategic Snapshots’. The first Snapshot, Cheonan Choices, by Andrew Shearer and Malcolm Cook, highlights the strategic implications of North Korea’s sinking of the South Korean warship

Sweet and sour: Australian public attitudes towards China

Foreign policy has hardly featured in the 2010 election campaign. That's a shame. Australia faces an increasingly uncertain international environment. One of the most pressing challenges facing the next government will be putting in place a durable policy framework to guide Australia's increasingly

Food for Thought - Mark Thirlwell presentation

On 29 July in Canberra, in the latest in our Food for Thought series, Mark Thirlwell, Director of the Lowy Institute’s International Economy program, looked at our post-GFC world and tried to answer the question, 'Just how much has changed as a result of the global financial crisis

Analysing 'A Careful War'

'A Careful War’ was a compelling two-part documentary program which appeared on the ABC’s Four Corners earlier this month. Distinguished reporter Chris Masters undertook a ground-level exploration of one corner of the Afghanistan conflict. Focusing on the work of an Australian mentoring company

And then there their battle back home

James Brown's opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald addresses the Australian public's engagement with the Afghanistan issue and the role of our defence forces there.Sydney Morning Herald, 28 July 2010, p 11

The APC is a dead parrot

In an opinion piece published on Caixin Online, Andrew Shearer argues that the concept of an Asia Pacific Community as proposed by Kevin Rudd is now defunct, but that Australia has a strong record of institution-building in Asia which should be continued.Caixin Online, 20 July 2010

Not cricket

In an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal, Andrew Shearer, Director of Studies and Senior Research Fellow at the Lowy Institute, argues that India's snub of John Howard for the International Cricket Council clearly goes against the spirit of the game.Wall Street Journal, 3 July 2010

IMF needs to be more than just Santa Claus

In an Economic Briefing in The Australian Financial Review, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Stephen Grenville writes that Europe's insolvent states must be handled strictly.Australian Financial Review, 19 July 2010, p. 27

Flying the flag, not the coop

In an opinion piece in the Canberra Times, Research Associate Raoul Heinrichs argues that Australia can achieve its alliance management objectives in Afghanistan without risking Australian lives, and that Australian forces should be subject to more restrictive limits on the kinds of tasks they

A new mind-set for exchange rates

Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Stephen Grenville has published an article entitled 'A new mind-set for exchange rates' in the first issue for 2010 of Agenda: A Journal of Policy Analysis and Reform (Volume 17 - Issue 1).The article is available at:

Distinguished Speaker Series - Senator John Faulkner presentation

On Friday 16 July, Australia's Defence Minister, Senator John Faulkner, spoke at the Lowy Institute to discuss Australia's commitment and contribution to the ISAF effort in Afghanistan, in the context of Australian strategic objectives, operational developments and the challenge of capacity building

Writing a new chapter

In this opinion piece in The Times of India, Lowy Institute program director and India expert Rory Medcalf looks at what the sudden rise of Julia Gillard as Prime Minister might mean for Australia-India relations, including the vexed issue of uranium sales.Times of India, 15 July 2010

Food for Thought - Michael Wesley presentation

Mineral resources play a role in international affairs that far outweighs the attention paid to the sector by policy makers and strategic thinkers. Modern societies are becoming ever more dependent on mineral resources but increasingly less self-sufficient in their production, making access to

Gillard crisis in global climate policy

In an article in the Australian Financial Review, Fergus Green, Warwick McKibbin and Greg Picker argue the case for a new price-based framework for reducing emissions in parallel with global climate negotiations.The Australian Financial Review, 7 July 2010, p 67

Diggers need freedom to win freedom

In an opinion piece in the Australian, non-resident fellow Whit Mason urges a change of policy on Australia's engagement in Afghanistan and a stronger commitment.The Australian, 6 July 2010, p 10