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From global leaders and Lowy experts

Japan China policy in the 21st century

As a part of its Public Lecture Series, the Lowy Institute for International Policy was pleased to host an address by Professor Akio Takahara from Tokyo University. The Japan-China relationship is one of the longest, deepest, and most important great power relationships in the world and the last

Japan value mustn't be lost in translation

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Andrew Shearer argues that the Government's mishandling of relations with Tokyo and fixation on China not only harm our most important bilateral partnership in the region but also feed Japan's increasing strategic anxiety. He calls on the Prime Minister to use

Dr Peter Piot presentation

On 23 May 2008, at the Tokyo Symposium on International Health Security and Communicable Diseases, the Executive Director of UNAIDS gave a comprehensive and compelling outline of the current situation regarding the HIV pandemic and associated issues. Dr Piot has kindly agreed to allow the Lowy

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Dr Jeffrey Eisenach presentation

On 2 April at the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, Dr Jeffrey Eisenach, a leading regulatory economist and a global expert on content filtering technology, discussed the prospects for global regulation of the digital economy.Jeffrey A. Eisenach is Chairman of the Criterion Economics consulting firm in

Thinking security

On Thursday 19 March 2008 the Hon. Kim Beazley delivered the second annual Coral Bell Lecture in Canberra. The purpose of this annual lecture is to recognise those individuals who, in their professional careers, have been able to bridge the worlds of academe and international policymaking. The

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Dr Rodger Shanahan presentation

At the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy on 19 March, Chief of Army Visiting Fellow Colonel Rodger Shanahan discussed the current status of Lebanese Hizbullah and how political forces may shape its future in a presentation entitled 'Hizbullah's post-war dilemma: walking the Lebanese political tightrope

Distinguished Speaker Series - Mr Kenneth Roth presentation

As part of its Distinguished Speaker Series, the Lowy Institute for International Policy was pleased to host an address by Mr Kenneth Roth, the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch. The title of Mr Roth's address was 'Despots masquerading as democrats: and why we let them

World order under stress: issues & initiatives

Professor Robert O'Neill AO, a member of the Lowy Institute's Board of Directors, delivered the Cunningham Lecture for 2007 at the Academy of the Social Sciences. The title of his Lecture, available here, is 'World order under stress: issues and initiatives for the 21st century

U.S.-Australian relations in a new era

On 6 December 2007, as part of it Distinguished Speaker Series, the Lowy Institute hosted an address by the U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Ambassador R. Nicholas Burns, on U.S.-Australian relations in a new era. This important speech was the first delivered by a senior U.S.

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Pru Goward presentation

At the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy on 21 November, New South Wales Shadow Minister for Climate Change and the Environment Pru Goward explored the human frailties and rivalries and growth expectations that will make solving climate change so difficult. Ms Goward's presentation was entitled 'The state,

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Dr Meryl Williams presentation

On 7 November at the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, Dr Meryl Williams launched her new Lowy Institute Paper entitled 'Enmeshed: Australia and Southeast Asia's Fisheries'. Southeast Asia's oceans are fast running out of fish, putting the livelihoods of up to 100 million people at risk, leading to more

Lowy Institute weblog

The Interpreter is a major new initiative for the Lowy Institute for International Policy. Since its founding in 2003, the Lowy Institute has quickly built a reputation as a leading think tank in the Asia-Pacific and an influential global voice. This blog adds another dimension to our work: it aims

Election debate

On 31 October, the Lowy Institute hosted an election debate between the Trade Minister, the Hon. Warren Truss, and the Shadow Trade Minister, the Hon. Simon Crean. Both speakers reaffirmed their belief that the WTO Doha Round could still deliver a global deal and presented their parties' different

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Dr Milton Osborne presentation

On 31 October 2007 at the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, Dr Milton Osborne examined China's growing influence in Southeast Asia by looking at the water politics of the Salween and Mekong River systems that link China to continental Southeast Asia. Drawing on a Lowy Institute Perspective written earlier

Despots, democrats and discontents

The Lowy Institute, in cooperation with the Sydney Democracy Forum, explored the state of West Asian democracy in a panel discussion held on Tuesday 2 October, 2007 at the Institute. The session compared and contrasted two different ends of the democratic spectrum in the region. It assessed the

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy: Liquid terror - Waleed Aly presentation

On 19 September at the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, Waleed Aly, in a presentation entitled 'Liquid terror: the dynamics of home-grown radicalisation', examined the contentious issue of radicalisation in Western Muslim communities.Waleed Aly was a board member of the Islamic Council of Victoria for over