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From global leaders and Lowy experts

China Changing Lecture 2011- Professor Wang Gungwu presentation

On the evening of 17 March, the Lowy Institute was very pleased to host a lecture by Professor Wang Gungwu entitled 'US and China: Respect and Equality'. The evolving US-China relationship is now the single most important and complicated major power relationship globally and one of immense

Public lecture - Mr Pierre Krähenbühl

On 8 February, Mr Pierre Krähenbühl, Director of Operations of the International Committee of the Red Cross (the ICRC) addressed the Lowy Institute on the subject of how recent trends in integrated missions, the militarisation of aid and increasingly complex coordination challenges are impacting

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy: 2011 The year ahead - Lowy Institute presentations

On 2 February, the second half of the Wednesday Lunch series was launched with a discussion by three Lowy Institute scholars, Rory Medcalf, Annmaree O'Keeffe and Sam Roggeveen, on how Australia should be preparing for some of the big global and regional policy challenges in the second decade of the

The Commonwealth in a networked world

On Wednesday 19 January 2011, as part of our Distinguished Speaker Series, The Rt Hon William Hague MP, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the United Kingdom, spoke at the Lowy Institute on opportunities for the Commonwealth in a networked world

2010 end of year message

Dr Michael Wesley, Executive Director of the Lowy Institute, sent an end of year message about the Institute's work in 2010 of interpreting and explaining the forces which shape our world and Australia's role in it

Launch of 'Courting reform'

On Wednesday 8 December, Cate Sumner and Tim Lindsey launched their new Lowy Institute Paper, 'Courting reform'.Opening remarks on the paper were provided by the Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia, The Hon. Diana Bryant, and Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia, The Hon.

Meet the trilemma

Large-scale capital inflows are forcing policymakers in emerging markets to choose between exchange rate appreciation, domestic adjustment, and capital controls. Increasingly, they are choosing the third option

The 2010 Lowy Lecture: Science and Australia place in the world

On Thursday 18 November, Dr Megan Clark, Chief Executive of CSIRO, delivered the 2010 Lowy Lecture on Australia in the World. In her lecture, 'Science and Australia's place in the world', available here, Dr Clark argued that Australia's science and innovation capability are fundamental to our future

Fiji update

On 8 November, the Lowy Institute for International Policy co-hosted the Fiji and Vanuatu Update 2010 with the Crawford School of Economics and Governance, Australian National University. As part of the 2010 Update a distinguished panel was assembled to discuss these very challenges and to discuss

Food for Thought: Entering Australia age of uncertainty

In the Food for Thought series in Canberra, Malcolm Cook, Director of the Lowy Institute’s East Asia program, and Hugh White, a Visiting Fellow at the Institute and head of the ANU’s Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, debated what the Asian strategic order will look like in 20 to 30 years

Japan-China maritime relations: dealing with new dimensions

In the Lowy Institute's latest Strategic Snapshot, Dr Hiroyasu Akutsu explores the strategic dynamics animating the China-Japan maritime relationship, which is becoming dangerously militarised. Against a backdrop of shifting power balances, enhanced military capabilities and lingering territorial

Wednesday Lunch at Lowy - Fergus Hanson and Alex Oliver presentations

Do leaders matter? Are the trajectories of nations directed by unstoppable social and economic forces regardless of who’s in charge, or are the histories of states those of a handful of highly influential leaders?At the Wednesday Lowy Lunch on 20 October, Fergus Hanson and Alex Oliver reported on

Lowy Institute Panel Discussion

As a follow-up to the Lowy Institute MDG conference held in Sydney in June and the recent UN MDG summit in New York, the Lowy Institute, through The Myer Foundation Melanesia Program, convened a special panel of diverse commentators and experts from government and non-government sectors to tackle

The silent revolution

Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Wesley presented a speech on 'The silent revolution' on 22 May 2010. The speech is available here

70th anniversary address

Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Wesley presented the 70th Anniversary Address of Radio Australia on 1 December 2009. The address is available here

The enduring threat of globalist terrorism

Executive Director Michael Wesley presented a speech at the Port and Maritime Terrorism Conference in Melbourne on 14 September 2009 on the enduring threat of globalist terrorism. The speech is available here

Nurturing ideas

Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Wesley presented the keynote speech at Philanthropy Australia's Annual Meeting in Melbourne on 1 September 2010. He spoke on the topic of 'Nurturing ideas'. The speech can be read here

Australia place in the world

Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Wesley delivered the Perspective Asia Lecture at the Griffith Asia Institute in Brisbane on 29 July 2010. The lecture, entitled 'Australia's place in the world', can be read here

Little power, big choices: Australia strategic future

In the Lowy Institute's fourth Strategic Snapshot, Research Associate and Asia Security Project Coordinator Raoul Heinrichs explores the strategic challenges confronting Australia as shifting power balances in Asia produce new calculations among the region's major powers.Building on Power and Choice

Resumption of Six Party Talks

In this panel discussion on China Radio International's Beyond Beijing program, Research Associate and Asia Security Project Coordinator Raoul Heinrichs explores the future prospects for the Six Party Talks, and for security on the Korean Peninsula

Australian foreign policy post-election

What sort of world will a new Australian government be dealing with, and how is it likely to approach it? Deputy Director Martine Letts, Director of Studies Andrew Shearer, International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf and Myer Foundation Melanesia Program Director Jenny Hayward-Jones briefed

America grand strategy in Asia: what would Mahan do?

In the Lowy Institute’s latest Asia security ‘Strategic Snapshot’, distinguished American Asia scholar and former senior White House official Dr Michael J. Green examines Asia’s changing power dynamics and asks what grand strategy 19th century geo-strategist Alfred Thayer Mahan, the father

Food for Thought - Mark Thirlwell presentation

On 29 July in Canberra, in the latest in our Food for Thought series, Mark Thirlwell, Director of the Lowy Institute’s International Economy program, looked at our post-GFC world and tried to answer the question, 'Just how much has changed as a result of the global financial crisis

Analysing 'A Careful War'

'A Careful War’ was a compelling two-part documentary program which appeared on the ABC’s Four Corners earlier this month. Distinguished reporter Chris Masters undertook a ground-level exploration of one corner of the Afghanistan conflict. Focusing on the work of an Australian mentoring company