Speeches | 19 October 2012

PNG New Voices Conference Agenda

The Lowy Institute's New Voices conference will be held in Port Moresby, Papua Guinea on 22 October, featuring prominent young Papua New Guineans and emerging leaders. 

  • Danielle Cave
  • Jenny Hayward-Jones

The Lowy Institute's New Voices conference will be held in Port Moresby, Papua Guinea on 22 October, featuring prominent young Papua New Guineans and emerging leaders. 

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Executive Summary

Draft agenda for the Lowy Institute's Papua New Guinea New Voices Conference.




PNG New Voices




Monday, 22 October 2012

Gateway Hotel

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea






Welcome (and outline of conference proceedings by Lowy Institute)

9.15am - 9.30am


Allan Bird, agribusiness expert, will ‘set the scene’ and talk on the importance of leadership and vision

9.30am - 10.50am



Chairpersons will briefly set the scene, introduce speakers and manage Q&A


Session 1: Transforming the national economy


Speakers will cover topics including the rise of Asia and the impact on PNG’s economy, access to financial services and mobile banking, PNG’s telecommunications revolution and community development.


Anthony Yauieb, Deputy Secretary Policy, Department of Treasury, Government of Papua New Guinea


Ruby Patu, Bank of South Pacific Rural Regional Sales Manager - New Guinea islands


Jennifer Baing, Co-Director, Save PNG


Chair: Gae Kauzi, Assistant Governor, Policy, Bank of Papua New Guinea


10.50am - 11.20am

Morning Tea

11.20am - 12.40 pm

Session 2: New Voices


Speakers will cover topics including the influence of civil society, cultural identity, PNG’s proactive ‘digital generation’, a changing media landscape and do we live in a man’s world?


Amanda Donigi, Editor of Stella Magazine


Lisa-Marie Tepu, Senior Leader, The Voice


Josephine Oberleuter, Executive Producer of the Tribe, National Broadcasting Corporation


Jeffry Feeger, Artist


Chair: Paul Barker, Director, Institute of National Affairs



12.40pm – 1.40pm


1.40pm – 3.00pm

Special panel discussion: The Power of Social Media


A special ‘in conversation’ panel. Topics this panel will tackle will include new media vs. traditional media, PNG’s mobile phone explosion, digital democracy & holding organisations (government and non-government) accountable via the internet, blogging and citizen journalism, the role of social media, the value of eDiplomacy, crowdsourcing for new ideas, can mobile phone applications improve one’s quality of life and service delivery? Importantly, what’s next?


Emmanuel Narokobi, Managing Director of Masalai Communications and blogger


Tavurvur, political blogger at the Garamut


Effrey Dademo, Program Manager, Act Now!


Scott Waide,  EMTV Lae Bureau Chief and TV journalist/producer 


(We encourage participants to engage with and share their views over social media during this ‘in conversation’, for example, by live-tweeting #PNGNewVoices or providing updates to Facebook)


Chairs: Danielle Cave, Research Associate, Lowy Institute and Alexander Rheeney, PNG Perspective


3.00pm - 3.30pm

Afternoon Tea

3.30pm - 4.45pm

Session 3: PNG’s international choices and place in the Asian Century

Speakers will look at where PNG’s place in the world. Where does PNG fit? What does the Asian Century mean to the country? Who are our ideal international partners, now and into the future? Are we a regional leader? Can we become a creative middle power?

Douveri Henao, Executive Director of the Business Council Papua New Guinea and researcher at the PNG Institute of National Affairs

Samson Yabon, Assistant Director, Asia Branch, Political, Security and Treaties Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, PNG

Andrew Lepani, Sports Development Manager, Papua New Guinea Sports Federation and Olympic Committee

Chair: Robert Igara, Former Non-Executive Director, Oilsearch

4.45pm - 5.30pm

Conclusion: Recommendations for the future

This conclusion will be conducted ‘in conversation’ between Jenny Hayward-Jones, Myer Foundation Melanesia Program Director at the Lowy Institute and Allan Bird, Amanda Donigi and Emmanuel Narokobi.


Evening reception will follow conference, 5.45 – 7.30pm at the Gateway Hotel

Speakers at the reception include Her Excellency Lucy Bogari, Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, PNG, Dame Carol Kidu, Margaret Adamson, Australian Deputy High Commissioner and Memafu Kapera, Managing Director, National Broadcasting Corporation.