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The pacific presidency

US President Barack Obama has called himself ‘America’s first Pacific president’. On Monday the Lowy Institute and the United States Studies Centre endeavoured to flesh out this concept.

The new world of connections and talent

On Tuesday 23 September, as part of the Lowy Institute's Distinguished Speaker Series, Dr Phil Burgess, outgoing General Managing Director, Public Policy and Communications and Special Adviser to t

Asian Development Outlook

With much of the developed world in recession, Asia's economies are suffering as exports crumble, capital flows reverse, and business and consumer confidence deteriorates.

Australia international future

At the Wednesday Lowy lunch on 1 July, Dr Michael Wesley, the new Executive Director of the Lowy Institute, talked about the challenges ahead for Australia and the Lowy Institute.

The law on terror

A substantial number of anti-terrorism laws have been adopted in Australia and overseas since 9/11.

Looking after Australians overseas

On 17 October at the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, Visiting Fellow Professor Hugh White examined the wider implications for Australia's foreign policy of the emphasis put on helping Australians in troub

Australia, ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific

On Friday, 18 July the Lowy Institute was honoured to host a speech in our Distinguished Speaker Series by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Stephen Smith MP.

2006 Lowy Institute Poll

On 4 October at Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, Lowy Institute Research Associate Ivan Cook presented the results of the Lowy Institute Poll 2006.

North Korea

On 1 November at the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, Professor Alan Dupont, the Michael Hintze Chair of International Security at the University of Sydney, explored the implications of North Korea's nucle

Elections: Papua New Guinea Style!

On 27 June, at the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, Dr Abby McLeod discussed how, on 30 June, Papua New Guinea goes to the polls after the Sir Michael Somare government became the first government in PNG h

China reform

Liu Xiaobo, one of the most celebrated public intellectuals in China, was recently sentenced to 11 years in prison for incitement to subversion.

Japan China Policy in the 21st century

As a part of its Public Lecture Series, the Lowy Institute for International Policy was pleased to host an address by Professor Akio Takahara from Tokyo University.

Nuclear weapons in Asia: why we should worry

In the Lowy Institute's first Food for Thought lecture in Melbourne, on 23 March, International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf explored how the dangers of nuclear-armed confrontation betwee

Barack Obama inaugural address

The inauguration of Barack Obama as president of the United States on 20 January was observed intently by billions of people around the world.

Gordon world

Gordon Brown recently succeeded Tony Blair as prime minister of Great Britain.

Australia, the Consequential Country

After postings in Washington and South Asia, Nick Bryant came to Australia determined to avoid all the stereotypes and clichés that still tend to inform the world's view of the 'land down under.' H

China and Taiwan in the South Pacific

On Thursday 18 January, Graeme Dobell gave a presentation at the Lowy Institute to launch his Lowy Institute Policy Brief, entitled China and Taiwan in the South Pacific: diplomatic chess versus Pa

Where to now on Iran?

On 30th August at Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, Research Fellow Anthony Bubalo explored the likely trajectory of the international community's on-going dispute with Iran over its nuclear program, follow

Australian strategy

At the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy on 4 March 2009, historian Peter Edwards placed the current debate in the context of the long history of debates between those who see global alliances as central to

Rising China on the eve of the Olympics

At the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy on 6 August, Dr Richard Rigby, the Executive Director of the ANU China Institute, spoke about the rise of China and how the forthcoming Olympics provide some indicato

Asia pivots

At the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy on 3 March, Dr Malcolm Cook, Program Director East Asia, spoke on how Asia's continental and horizontal dimensions are reasserting themselves - in ways that question

Connecting the spokes

At the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy on 9 May, Malcolm Cook, Program Director Asia & the Pacific, and Rory Medcalf, Program Director International Security, explored what the Australia-Japan Joint De

The year ahead 2007

At the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy on 7 February, the Lowy Institute's scholars discussed what we should be keeping an eye out for in international policy in 2007.

Corporate governance in China

On 5 October, as part of the Lowy Institute's Distinguished Speaker Series, Professor Lu Tong, Director of the Chinese Center for Corporate Governance of the Institute of World Economics and Politi

2009 Defence White Paper

Is the Rudd Government’s new Defence White Paper more of the same or a significant departure from the previous strategic orthodoxy?

The new Middle East

In 2006, at the height of the Israel-Lebanon war, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice famously remarked that the world was witnessing the 'birth pangs of a new Middle East'.

Asia Manufacturing Shakeout

On 5th July at the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, Richard Martin, of International Market Assessment Asia (IMA), focused on the major restructuring of manufacturing currently under way in China and the r

TV and war

Difficult and dangerous work, covering wars with TV cameras has become a core component of modern conflict - so much so that a 'military-media' nexus has arisen alongside what US President Eisenhow

Guerilla diplomacy

Diplomacy should matter – particularly for anyone who prefers talking over fighting and dialogue over diktat.

The new multilateralism of climate change

After Copenhagen, attention is moving away from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and towards a new climate multilateralism, one that more actively engages other gl

The future of poltical Islam

The Lowy Institute for International Policy was pleased to host as a part of its Distinguished Speakers Series the renowned French scholar of the Islamic and Arab worlds, Professor Gilles Kepel.

The future of international whale conservation

On Wednesday 18 February 2009, as part of the Institute's Distinguished Speaker Series, the Lowy Institute hosted the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, the Hon Peter Garrett MP,

A Focused Force

At the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy on 15 April, Visiting Fellow Hugh White spoke at the launch of his new Lowy Institute Paper, 'A Focused Force: Australia's defence priorities in the Asian century', i

The new defence white paper

On 30 April at the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy, Professor Hugh White examined why Australia needs a new defence white paper, outlined the proper aims of such a project and identified the pitfalls that

The perils of Pervez

On 6 October, Pakistan, a nuclear power of over 160 million people riven by political and religious passions, goes to polls.