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Bluffing their way into crisis

In an opinion piece in The Age, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Hugh White writes that Australia can play a role smoothing the waters between the United States and China in the South China Sea.The Age, 2 August 2011, p. 11

Omaid story

Susanne Schmeidl, the co-founder of the Afghan NGO, The Liaison Office, and editor of the Lowy Institute’s Afghan Voices series, writes here of the death in Afghanistan of Afghan journalist Ahmad Omaid Khpalwak

Ratings agencies: front, centre and still flawed

In an Economic Briefing in The Australian Financial Review, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Stephen Grenville writes that it is time the risk assessors, the credit ratings agencies, were assessed themselves.Australian Financial Review, 1 August 2011, p. 23

The challenge of innovation in the Australian Army

In this article in Security Challenges, James Brown argues that in an environment of fiscal austerity and strategic uncertainty, the defining challenge for the Australian Army after Afghanistan will be to foster innovation. He argues that despite having excellent soldiers and officers, the market

We're not really helping

In an opinion piece in The Age, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Hugh White argues that economic growth, not foreign aid, is overcoming long-term poverty in the world.The Age, 19 July 2011, p. 11

How to avoid crisis and find trust in the South China Sea

In this article for China-US Focus, the Lowy Institute's Rory Medcalf assesses the outcomes from the July 2011 visit to China by US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mullen. He concludes that the confidence-building measures from that visit fall short of what is needed to prevent

Lowy Lecture Series: How the future state of the world will shape Australia aid program - Panellists' presentations

At the Lowy Lecture Series on 20 July, a high-level panel, with Sandy Hollway AO, Jack De Groot and Rowan Callick, considered how well Australia's aid program is placed to respond to evolving development challenges. Annmaree O'Keeffe, Research Fellow at the Lowy Institute, chaired the discussion

Improving access to climate financing for the Pacific Islands

One of the central pillars of global climate change negotiations is the need to improve access for developing countries to funding and technical resources. But efforts to establish effective mechanisms for climate financing are complex, with governments trying to balance the accountability required

A price is not much help if the world can call the tune

In an opinion piece in The Age, Lowy Institute Professorial Fellow Warwick McKibbin argues that the new carbon pricing policy is on the track, but only half-way there.See Professor McKibbin's Lowy Institute Issues Brief 'Sensible Climate Policy' for more analysis of the topic

The future state of the world: what it means for Australia foreign aid program

In January 2011, the Australian Government’s Independent Panel to Review Aid commissioned the Lowy Institute to undertake a study of the future state of the world and its potential impact on the government’s aid program. The report, written against the background of a strong focus by the

Distinguished Speaker Series - Greg Hunt presentation

On 11 July 2011 the Federal Opposition's spokesman for Climate Action, Greg Hunt, addressed the topic of climate change in a speech to the Lowy Institute.Mr Hunt argued that the current international approach to tackling climate change is not working. He called for a substantial rethink of the

Gung-ho inflation fighters unwelcome

In an opinion piece in The Australian Financial Review's Economic Briefing section, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Stephen Grenville argues that tighter monetary policy is not the answer.Australian Financial Review, 4 July 2011, p. 23

What Robert Gates leaves behind

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates steps down on June 30 after almost five years in the job, and having served under both a Republican and Democrat president. The Diplomat asked some of the leading Asia analysts to assess how some of the key US military relationships developed under Gates, and the

Right arguments, wrong ocean?

In this book review roundtable for the journal Asia Policy, the Lowy Institute’s Rory Medcalf appraises the core arguments of Red Star over the Pacific, by Toshi Yoshihara and Jonathan R. Holmes. Mr Medcalf focuses on the book’s treatment of China’s Indian Ocean ambitions. 

Mekong dam plans threatening the natural order

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Milton Osborne writes that altering the Mekong River's flow would rob 80 million people of their main protein source.The Australian, 29 June 2011, p. 10

Asia maritime confidence crisis

In this article for The Diplomat, Raoul Heinrichs and Rory Medcalf explore the causes, risks and consequences of maritime encounters in Indo-Pacific Asia. Based on their recent report, Crisis and Confidence, the piece concludes with a number of recommendations aimed at enhancing stability at sea

Lowy Institute Poll 2011

The seventh annual Lowy Poll surveys the Australian public on new questions covering attitudes towards the US alliance and the war in Afghanistan, opinions on basing US forces in Australia, WikiLeaks, foreign aid and the intervention in Libya. The nationally representative poll also repeated

All at sea over Beijing brinkmanship

In this commentary article in The Australian, the director of the Lowy Institute’s international security program, Rory Medcalf, warns that China’s assertive actions at sea could end in conflict unless there are renewed efforts at dialogue and practical confidence-building measures. This is

Morrison should tread lightly overseas

In an opinion piece in The Australian Financial Review, Dr Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues, argues that the opposition immigration spokesman should be mindful to leave party politics at home.Published in revised form in The Australian Financial Review, 23 June 2011, p. 71

China and the United Nations: the stakeholder spectrum

In recent decades China has become a far more active and effective player in, and contributor to, the United Nations. However, according to Dr Michael Fullilove, the limits of this enhanced engagement are becoming clear. Dr Fullilove emphasises that while the West might advocate that China become a

Let end muddled thinking on China

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Lowy Institute Non-resident Senior Fellow Professor Alan Dupont writes that signals we send to Beijing are confusing.The Australian, 22 June 2011, p. 8

How Australians feel about nuclear power

Most Australians do not feel comfortable with nuclear power, reinforced by the Fukushima crisis. Political leaders declare the subject off limits. Yet nuclear energy is a proven technology for clean, comparatively safe base load power. Our energy needs are growing fast in a carbon constrained

The 2011 Lowy Institute Poll

The seventh annual Lowy Poll surveys the Australian public on new questions covering attitudes towards the US alliance and the war in Afghanistan, opinions on basing US forces in Australia, WikiLeaks, foreign aid, and the intervention in Libya. The nationally representative poll also repeated

Chinese perspectives on investing in Australia

China is not only Australia's largest trading partner, but is also an increasingly important supplier of capital. In a Lowy Institute Analysis, John Larum draws on a series of interviews with Chinese investors and their advisors to look at their attitude towards investing in Australia and

Living with the dragon: why Australia needs a China strategy

In this Policy Brief, Lowy Institute Non-resident Senior Fellow, Professor Alan Dupont argues that Australia has failed to grasp the full implications of China’s meteoric rise or the risk of conflict in the Western Pacific. He calls for a coherent, national approach to China, one that is informed

More to do in Oruzgan

In an opinion piece in The Age, Lowy Institute Non-resident Fellow Dr Rodger Shanahan argues that we must stay the course in Afghanistan as a withdrawal now would harm our interests.The Age, 14 June 2011, p. 11

Yemen short spring season

In an opinion piece in The Drum, Lowy Institute Non-resident Fellow Rodger Shanahan writes on the potential for the flowering of democracy in Yemen.The Drum, 6 June 2011

DFAT must capitalise on benefits of social media

In an opinion piece in The Canberra Times, Lowy Institute Research Fellow Fergus Hanson argues that the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade must capitalise on the benefits of social media.Canberra Times, 3 June 2011, p. 17

Tomes, tweets and think tanks

In his latest Advance Column in the US Studies Centre journal American Review, Lowy Institute International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf reviews five important new books on Asian security, ranging across Sino-Japanese relations, China's naval ambitions and the challenges facing Indian

The world at 7 billion

According to the latest United Nations population forecasts, the world’s population will reach seven billion on 31 October this year