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Lonely power, staying power

In the latest Strategic Snapshot, Dr John Lee, Adjunct Associate Professor and Michael Hintze Fellow in Energy Security at the University of Sydney, challenges a number of assumptions about the transformation of Asia’s security environment. Contrary to expectations, he argues, the United States

A democracy gulf in the Gulf

In an opinion piece in The Drum, Lowy Institute Non-resident Fellow Dr Rodger Shanahan writes on the way Gulf rulers are approaching the issue of popular participation in government.The Drum, 22 September 2011

No defence to warship blowout

In an opinion piece in The Age, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Hugh White argues that Australia's $8 billion commitment to the construction of three Air Warfare Destroyers is a waste of money — too expensive and out of line with our strategic interests.The Age, 27 September 2011, p. 11

Last exit: planned Greek default the only way out

In an Economic Briefing in The Australian Financial Review, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Stephen Grenville wrtites that a deliberate strategy for Greece's insolvency is better than the alternative.Australian Financial Review, 26 September 2011, p. 23

Australia-India Roundtable: Advancing Australia-India relations: Public panel

At the conclusion of the Australia-India Roundtable held at the Lowy Institute on 19-20 September 2011, four key participants - Ambassador Shyam Saran and Ambassador Ric Smith AO PSM as well as conveners Rory Medcalf and Navdeep Suri - discussed key ideas emerging from the dialogue. The Roundtable

Unraveling China 'String of Pearls'

In an article in YaleGlobal Online Magazine, Lowy Institute Research Associate Ashley Townshend argues that there are few reasons to fear China’s strategic weight in the Indian Ocean.YaleGlobal Online Magazine, 16 September 2011; Versions of this opinion piece were also published by South China

Time to forge a partnership for the Asian Century

In this op-ed in The Australian, the Lowy Institute’s Rory Medcalf, convener of the Australia-India Roundtable, teams with leading Indian foreign policy commentator Raja Mohan to propose a way forward in Australia-India relations. Australia should sell uranium to India and India needs to get

Risks of US alliance rising as value falls

In an opinion piece in The Age, Raoul Heinrichs, editor of the Lowy Institute's Strategic Snapshot Series, argues that Canberra is making dangerous assumptions about our Washington ties.The Age, 15 September 2011, p. 15

Grand stakes: Australia’s future between China and India

Canberra is seeking an Indo-Pacific strategy for an era of Chinese, Indian and sustained American power. The contours of such a strategy were assessed by Rory Medcalf, in his contribution to the 2011-12 edition of the authoritative Strategic Asia series of books. His chapter provides the first

Launch of Pacific Outcomes Report & Keynote Address

The Outcomes Report of the conference 'The Pacific Islands and the World: Realising the Pacific's Potential' conference has been released. It summarises the main discussion generated from the conference and puts forward 10 policy recommendations based on this discussion to help the

The Yanks are welcome in Oz

In an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal Asia, Lowy Institute Director of Studies Andrew Shearer writes that on its 60th anniversary, the Australia-US alliance faces new risks and dangers, including cyber attacks and China’s rapid military modernisation.Wall Street Journal Asia, 15 September

Arming the country for cyber attack

In an opinion piece in The Age, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Hugh White writes that in the context of cyber war,Australia should let enemies know it is ready for a virtual battle.The Age, 13 September 2011, p. 13

Talib or Taliban?

In Talib or Taliban: Indonesian students in Pakistan and Yemen, the Lowy Institute, in collaboration with the Centre for International Security Studies at Sydney University and the Centre for Muslim States and Societies at the University of Western Australia, examines whether Indonesian students

China carrier is no cause for regional alarm

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Lowy Institute Research Associate Ashley Townshend and Shashank Joshi, an Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, London, write that the Varyag, China's first aircraft carrier, is on a course to national pride.The Australian, 6 September 2011,

Fiji at home and in the world: public opinion and foreign policy

The Lowy Institute’s first Fiji Poll was a wide-ranging survey of public opinion in Fiji about the performance of Fiji’s military-led government and Fiji’s relations with the world. Questions focused on the implementation of government promises, the role of Fiji’s military, and democracy.

Pacific faces vital choices on Asia

In an opinion piece in The New Zealand Herald, Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Wesley writes that the Pacific Islands Forum is at a crossroads as tiger economies muscle up.This is a summary of Dr Wesley's keynote address to the Institute's conference, "'The Pacific Islands and the world:

Obama alliances

In this Lowy Institute paper Dr Steven Casey explores the Obama administration’s approach to alliances as the United States experiences relative economic and military decline in the context of a changing security environment in the Asia-Pacific region

Compromised win for hunger striker

In this op-ed in The Australian, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Vinod Daniel outlines the complexities of the Indian corruption debate following the Indian parliament’s concessions to hunger striking protest leader Anna Hazare. A version of this piece first appeared on the Lowy blog The

Betting on the Great Convergence

In today's world economy, the line between developed and emerging markets is growing ever more blurred. At the Food for Thought event in Melbourne on 18 August 2011, Mark Thirlwell, Director of the Lowy Institute's International Economy Program, described some of the forces driving this convergence

Obama as hardheaded liberal

In an article for The Daily Beast, Dr Michael Fullilove and Dr Steven Casey write that President Obama was accused of neglecting alliances and ceding too much ground to allies in Libya, but this week's successes in Tripoli prove he's heir to Roosevelt and Truman.The Daily Beast, 26 August 2011

Auld acquaintances won't be forgotten, even as power axes shift

In an opinion piece in The Sydney Morning Herald, Dr Steven Casey and Dr Michael Fullilove write that as the United States loses global influence and faces China's rise, it will seek to firm up ties with its old allies, including Australia.Sydney Morning Herald, 30 August 2011, p. 11

Politics spooks market more than US debt

In an Economic Briefing column in The Australian Financial Review, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Stephen Grenville writes that a balanced United States budget is eminently achievable.Australian Financial Review, 29 August 2011, p. 23

Diplomatic disrepair: Fact sheet

This fact sheet accompanies the Lowy Institute report by Alex Oliver and Andrew Shearer, 'Diplomatic disrepair: rebuilding Australia's international policy infrastructure', released on 22 August 2011

America dangerous battle plan

In this piece for The Diplomat, Raoul Heinrichs, editor of the Lowy Institute's Strategic Snapshot series, argues that the US AirSea Battle plan for the Western Pacific is costly, dangerous and unnecessary - and should be abandoned in favour of a more asymmetric maritime denial strategy.The Diplomat

Advance Column: Turning to twitter

In his regular column in the August 2011 edition of the journal American Review, the Lowy Institute’s Rory Medcalf examines the value of twitter for foreign policy think tanks and journalists.The article can be accessed here:http://americanreviewmag.com/opinions/Advance-column-August-2011

Troops should be kept in Middle East

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Lowy Institute Non-resident Fellow Dr Rodger Shanahan writes that a small regional military base in the United Arab Emirates makes sense.The Australian, 18 August 2011, p. 8

America is rotting at its core

In an opinion piece in The Age, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Hugh White writes that as China rapidly ascends in influence, its superpower rival seems unable to face up to its failings.The Age, 16 August 2011, p. 15

The shifting geopolitics of aviation

On Thursday 11 August 2011, James Hogan, CEO of Etihad Airways, delivered the Lowy Institute for International Policy’s inaugural Australia-Gulf Lecture. He spoke on 'The shifting geopolitics of aviation'. The aim of the Australia-Gulf lecture series is to provide a platform for political and

Doom 'n gloom

S&P’s decision to downgrade US debt has helped trigger a market panic as investors fret about poor policy and lacklustre growth in the United States and the Eurozone.Watch Mark Thirlwell (International Economy Program Director) analyse this week's turmoil in the world’s financial markets

Launch of Antarctica Policy Brief

In the Food for Thought event in Canberra on 8 August 2011, National Security Fellow Ellie Fogarty launched a report that analyses what Australia’s national interests in Antarctica are, and considers how they might best be protected and advanced in the future. She was joined in a panel discussion

The News of the WikiLeaks: both share a dangerous rationale

Dr Michael Fullilove, Program Director Global Issues, published an article in The Atlantic on the similarities in the mode of operating of WikiLeaks and the News of the World. The article can be read at: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2011/08/the-news-of-the-wikileaks-both-share-a-

Enduring ties and enduring interests?

Largely as a consequence of military deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, Australia has developed strong defence ties with key GCC countries. But with these deployments coming to an end, the future is in question