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Egypt Islamist President: what lies ahead?

On 30 June 2012, Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood was sworn in as Egypt’s first ever democratically elected President.  In an effort to address some of the questions raised by this development, we are republishing, with a new foreword, the Muslim Brotherhood chapter from the 2008 Lowy

Climate views have moved on

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Executive Director Dr Michael Wesley writes that, just as people care less and less about climate change policies, the carbon tax is here

People count in the Indonesia equation

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Dr Dave McRae, Research Fellow in the East Asia Program, writes that expanding people-to-people ties is important for the long-term health of the Australia-Indonesia relationship

Australia - China ties: in search of political trust

Australia's political relationship with China is far less developed than its economic relationship. This is detrimental to Australia's interests because China is not merely an economic power but also a crucial political and security actor in the region. Underdeveloped political and strategic

Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address and U.S. Foreign Policy

On 21 January, the Lowy Institute for International Policy and the Foreign Policy program at the Brookings Institution co-hosted a panel discussion in Washington, DC on the inaugural address delivered by President Obama the day before. The event was chaired by Carlos Pascual, Vice President of

We need to talk about Europe

In an opinion piece in The Australian Financial Review, Mark Thirlwell writes that as the G20 convenes in Mexico this week, it will have to be tuned in to the euro zone crisis

The Pacific potential: responding to the Asian century

The Lowy Institute’s conference, The Pacific Islands and the World: Realising the Pacific’s Potential, convened in Auckland on 5 September 2011.   Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Wesley delivered the keynote address, 'The Pacific's Potential: Responding to the

If government listened it would cut carbon tax

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Fergus Hanson, program director for opinion polling at the Lowy Institute, writes that the 2012 Lowy Institute Poll results reveal that only one third of Australians support costly action against climate change

Syria horror exposes West inability to protect the innocent

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Dr Rodger Shanahan, Non-resident Fellow at the Lowy Institute, argues that countries like Australia who are loud advocates of R2P in relatively straightforward circumstances need to be equally as vocal in dealing with difficult situations such as Syria.

The Lowy Institute Poll 2012: Public opinion and foreign policy

The eighth annual Lowy Institute Poll reports the results of a nationally representative opinion survey of 1,005 Australian adults conducted in Australia between 26 March and 10 April 2012 using mobile and landline telephones. It also reports the results of a parallel survey conducted in New

Bo’s fall exposes cracked party base

Linda Jakobson, Program Director East Asia, writes in an opinion piece in The Australian that the fall of Bo Xilai, the former party secretary of Chongqing who was stripped of his Communist Party posts for 'serious discipline violations', highlights China's increasingly

Character must overcome creed

Anthony Bubalo, Program Director West Asia, writes in an opinion piece in The Australian on how Egypt's election tests a fragile democracy. The Australian, 23 May 2012, p. 8

Situation dire as Al Qaeda rises in Yemen

In an opinion piece for The Drum, Dr Rodger Shanahan writes that if anyone ever needed a reminder that relying on technology to fight a war can achieve tactical successes while strategic failure threatens, Yemen has provided such a reminder this week. The Drum, 10 May 2012

Europe: heavy weather heads this way

In an opinion piece in The Australian Financial Review, Professorial Fellow Warwick McKibbin argues that the timing of the carbon tax and fiscal turnaround could not be worse for the Australian economy. Australian Financial Review, 21 May 2012, p. 55

Labor sowing the seeds of its own destruction

In an opinion piece in The Australian Financial Review, Lowy Institute Professorial Fellow Warwick McKibbin asks how the Australian people should judge the success of the 2012/13 Federal budget on Tuesday. Australian Financial Review, 8 May 2012, p. 55

Behold the Asian age

In an opinion piece in the Daily Telegraph, Executive Director Dr Michael Wesley argues that if we're smart, we can make sure that the Asian century is also an Australian century. Daily Telegraph, 19 May 2012

Harsh light shines on the state of China leadership

For at least a decade, think tanks and chanceries have echoed with tales of China's rise. The narrative is familiar. China has remade its economy and is now eating the US's lunch. The country is growing rapidly, laying roads and high-speed rail at a frenetic pace. The Chinese authorities sit

China prepares for an ice-free Arctic

In this SIPRI published report, Lowy Insitute East Asia Director Linda Jakobson examines how the prospect of the Arctic being navigable during summer months (as a result of climate change) has impelled the Chinese Government to allocate more resources to research in the High North. Several Chinese

2011 Australia-India Roundtable Report: Outcomes and Summary

Relations between Australia and India have advanced impressively over the past decade. Yet in some ways the ties between these two democracies have continued to fall short of their great potential. This state of affairs provided the background for a major dialogue held in Sydney in late 2011.&

A paper-thin defence

In an opinion piece in The Age, Sam Roggeveen, editor of The Interpreter, writes that Canberra stumbles upon a few good military policies, but that our capability is weak. The Age, 4 May 2012, p. 11

Drawing the line

In his latest column for the magazine American Review, the Lowy Institute’s Rory Medcalf looks at the way social media is affecting international relations in 2012: notably in relation to US diplomacy, Chinese political instability, and the US-based online civil society crusade against African

An Australian perspective on U.S. rebalancing towards Asia

In this Policy Q and A publication by the National Bureau of Asian Research, the Lowy Institute’s Rory Medcalf examines the extent and implications of the US 'pivot' strategy towards the Asia-Pacific, and in particular Australia’s role and responses.  Sarah Serizawa: An

'Zealous Democrats' published in Indonesian

In February 2012 the Lowy Institute Paper, Zealous Democrats: Islamism and Democracy in Egypt, Indonesia and Turkey, was published in Indonesia in the Indonesian language.  Although published in 2008, the paper remains relevant to the discussion of Islamist participation in democratic politics

Horizontal Asia

Anthony Bubalo and Malcolm Cook from the Lowy Institute have published an article titled 'Horizontal Asia' in the May/June 2010 issue of The American Interest. The article argues that the rise of China and India and these two giants' growing ties with the Middle East are undercutting our

A network to sell Australia

In an opinion piece for Business Spectator, Lowy Institute Research Fellow Alex Oliver argues the importance of the Australia Network. Business Spectator, 20 April 2012

Calm assessment of U.S. alliance needed

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Wesley argues that emotion should not rule in the difficult debate about Australia's alliance with the United States.The Australian, 27 April 2012, p. 10

Don't let Twitter fool you, Derryn

In an opinion piece in The Age, Sam Roggeveen, editor of the Lowy Institute's blog, The Interpreter, writes on the barrenness of Australia's political blogosphere. A version of  this article is published in the May issue of American Review, the journal of the United States Studies

After the fireworks, time for some diplomacy

In this opinion piece in leading Indian daily newspaper The Hindu, the Lowy Institute's Rory Medcalf and Fiona Cunningham make the case for India and China to build a stabilising nuclear dialogue now that the Agni V missile test has demonstrated India's ability to build a nuclear deterrent

In defence of the Australia network

In a piece extracted in Crikey today (from her original post on The Interpreter on 18 April 2012), Alex Oliver argues the Australia Network plays a fundamental role in Australia’s public diplomacy to the region. Crikey, 19 April 2012 The original Interpreter Blog post can be accessed 

China expanding role in Africa and implications for the EU

East Asia Program Director Linda Jakobson examines China's expanding role in Africa and the implications for China-EU relations in 'Europe and China: Strategic Partners or Rivals?', a book edited by Dr Roland Vogt and published by Hong Kong University Press. In the chapter, Jakobson and Jacob Wood

No good options to curb Pyongyang

In this opinion piece in The Australian, Lowy Institute International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf argues that the failure of North Korea’s Friday-the-13th missile test raise the risks of a nuclear test by the hermit kingdom. He warns that there are no good options for getting North

Disarming doubt: the future of extended nuclear deterrence in East Asia

Strategic uncertainty in East Asia is leaving nations look to their defences. At the same time, the United States is leading a push to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in international security. In this major international research report, the Lowy Institute's Rory Medcalf and Fiona Cunningham

Aid essential for regional stability

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Annmaree O’Keeffe, acting director of the Lowy Institute's Myer Foundation Melanesia Program, asks whether Australia can afford to continue increasing its aid budget. In the leadup to the 2012 Federal Budget, rumours have surfaced about the Gillard